Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let Me Hear It

Vagina. Is it such an ugly word?

If I'm at the doctor's office, then no. If I'm in the throes of passion with someone (chance would be a FINE thing lol), then....well....bleech. Leave it out.

I've just been watching something on telly, where a man breaks up with a woman because she uses the word vagina. Alot. I mean, she uses it while talking during sex with him. It was giving him the creeps.

I have to admit, I can certainly think of better words to use than vagina. And on the male side of things, I definitely wouldn't be saying "I need to feel your penis inside me". Odd...kinda cold....clinical.

"I need penis" ?

"I want to suck penis" ?

"You make my vagina very lubricated" ??

How much more turned on do you think your lover's going to be? They aint, I can almost guarantee it. I say "almost" because you just never know what turns others on.

The fact that the v word has 3 syllables has got to be enough to stop use of it in dirty talk surely. You can't be having long drawn out sentences. Bound to put your partner off. Keep it short, keep it sexy.

As much as vagina and penis have such a necessary role during intercourse...medical terms suck under these circumstances. Talking during sex can make your partner mad with desire....using the wrong words or practically having conversations?...well...yuk. Try that with me, and I'm sorry, but I aint listenin'.

If you don't like to say anything at all, then don't. But for God sake, the least you can do is pant and groan. How's your partner going to know what's working? It's a pain in the arse to be whistling dixie in the dark, because they've no idea what's making you feel good. Give an indication!

I went out with a man for about 4 months who made no sound at all. And I mean, he was SO silent, I couldn't even tell if his breathing had changed. I remember stopping what I was doing once and asking in an exasperated tone "Is this doing ANYthing for you??" It was disconcerting and I got to the point where I'd think "Why am I bothering to put in any effort at all?" For all I knew, I could've just flashed my tits and he might've exploded. (ok, I know that aint true lol)

Make noise people. Whether it be loud or quiet, at least make some sound! We love to know we're giving you pleasure.

Not that I'd know so much these days, it's been a long time since I've used either of those words or made any 'decent' sound between the sheets. It's just not the same talking to yourself ya know? Course, it always helps to have a good imagination.

Ack...sorry "OMG" will be sufficient again if you like lol

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