Monday, August 21, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Babes...Pfft!

Yesterday, Cameron tells me he thinks I've been unduly tough on our friend Maldita, after I told him that I had sent her copious amounts of emails.

"Oh no, you didn't?"

"Yeah I" *scrolling down my "sent items" mail folder for him*

"Aaww Mum...I feel really sorry for that lady"

Today, as I was sitting here staring at the screen I remarked to him....

"Now that I've got this elegant new look, it makes me feel like I have to write something deep and meaningful. Yet I don't have anything deep and meaningful going on in my head right now" *sigh*

"Shot Mum...for doing a great job of screwing yourself over" *smirk*

He had a good laugh about that.

Little shit.
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