Friday, August 11, 2006

Take Your Knickers Off...And Be Seated

QUICK BLOG PIMP UPDATE: Please feel free to make your way over to my dear friend Freddy's site. He's posted a 'tribute' (and a photo) of my loo episode. Course it's not really my toilet. Oh and while you're there, would you mind clicking on the link at the bottom of the post and voting for him if you've got the time? I hope you do...I'd rather not have a grumpy irishman from Belfast coming down on our heads. Lord only knows what kinda weapon he may whip out if he gets grumpier! (Just kidding Freddy, you know I love ya! *mwah*)

Quick post before I bugger off for the weekend. I was going to try and be a bit more creative and funny in this post. Maybe even chuck a little bit of sexy in there too...but quite frankly...I got none of that in me tonight lol.

Seeing as nobody is curious, I will ask myself for you.

Pretend You: "So Lisa? Did you fix the toilet you were messing around with a couple of posts ago?"

Real Me: "Oh, that old post, we don't have to talk about that...I'm not sure why you even bothered asking."

Pretend You: "No, really...I'm fascinated with the tell."

Real Me: "Well ...yes ok, but only because I can see you're on the edge of your chair...far be it for me to keep you in suspense."

Yes...I fixed the toilet.

It took me a lot longer than it should have lol. After taking Cameron to work, I ended up getting so pissed off I yanked the contents of the cistern out, grabbed a towel and sat in the lounge watching tv, using a steak knife and a bit of swearing to get the old washer removed. Yeah that's all it needed...the cistern washer replaced. But hey, I like to try these things myself, and anything 'new' that happens in a DIY sense in this house has to be documented for proof, no matter how large or small the problem.

"I hereby acknowledge that Lisa Blah de Blah, has achieved the replacement of a Dux toilet cistern washer"
( Please press your "Certifiably Approved" stamps across the screen......Ta.)

Honestly I was THAT excited, I went to pick Cam up from KFC...walked into the store and said to him all proudly under my breath.

"Guess what?...I fixed the toilet"
"Hey cool"
*grinning at him and whispering* "I fixed the toilet...I fixed the toilet"
"I'm proud of you Mum.....Want me to tell the guys?"
"Eh?? Don't be silly....................yeah ok..heh"
"HEY GUYS!..."
"Cameron, No!"
"...MY MUM FIXED THE TOILET!" *starts clapping hands*
*confused expressions on work colleagues faces with a spattering of applause*
*blushing furiously* "Time to go home brat"
*smirk* "Just doin' as I'm told"

So yeah, the toilet's fixed, and the bums in the house rejoiced. No more pouring buckets of water down the loo as we'd been doing when needed the 24 hours previously. Hoorah.

Now please don't complain...afterall, I did mention something that has you dropping your pants didn't I? lol

Happy Weekend Everyone!
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