Friday, August 18, 2006

What Say You? - Take Two

For the longest time I've been bored shitless with my all know it...I've harped on enough about it. The other day I came across the blog of a lovely lady who designs templates...templates full of colour and fun and just about anything you can think of. She will put together an idea you give her and run with it.

Furthermore...she will bend and weave her skills to chop and change things around to your suit every whim.

I know this because I've just put her through as much bending and weaving as her poor young body can probably handle. But let me add, she's a flexible little sucker and has proven herself to be made of magic rubbery stuff that never breaks, by putting up with my requests and demands.

And trust me....I had plenty of them. You know the kind? Like..."can we change this?"....then "maybe put this here?"...."and hey how about we put these over there?"..."oh and let's take that bit out ok?".....and then the "Ok, let's forget all that other stuff and do this instead".

Maldita, thank you so much for taking what would only have been an arduous task for me, and giving my page a makeover. You saved me from plenty of frustration, swearing and allowed my blood pressure to remain stable. I love this new look. It's simple and sleek with a quiet elegance...unlike anything I am in real life of course, but if I can have it on 'paper' then who am I to say no??

We're still messing around with fonts and colours for the moment, but this is the final draft. There'll likely be some slight changes over the next week or so, but nothing major. (Notice how I keep saying "we", as if I actually had anything to do with it??)

Please let me know if you're having any problems with viewing when you enter this page. Can you think of a better colour for the text in the sidebars? you think the picture at the top left of the header is too corny? (go figure you all say "yes" to that, it's my only personal contribution lol).

Anyway, whatever you think of this new layout, I'd be more than willing to hear your thoughts, all of them, honest positives and negatives. What are we, if not a faithful blogging community that can all push Maldita around together?? lol

And to think, this all started because of a comment I made about trying to get rid of the orange square from the top corner of my page lol.

If you're looking for a change, and want someone to boss around for a few days...I would highly recommend that you visit this delightful young woman yourself!!
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