Monday, August 14, 2006

What Say You?

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts lately, tonight more than usual. My brain does not want to function properly. I suspect it just doesn't want to try and categorise all the thoughts it's hoarding.

I'm going to have another attempt at fiddling around with my template. Barely much of a fiddle at all, but enough to at least get that damn orange square out of the top left hand corner lol.

I'm also thinking of changing the name of it (my site that is, not the orange square). When I first started writing, this blog was for purging. With everything that was going on at that time, I needed somewhere to spit it out. Regardless of whether anyone read it or helped immensely to put it down on 'paper'.

I wanted that out quickly. So I came to blogger...created a blog...and because of, what from the outside can only be described as some kinda warped triangle affair, the first thing that popped into my head was "Internet Lovers". I still chat with one of the gentlemen involved back then, the other has chosen to cut all contact entirely, and I understand and respect his decision.

Anyway, regardless of the fact that there are three desktop computers and one laptop in this house...and the fact that all three people that live in this household love the internet with a passion...I think the title "Internet Lovers" has passed it's use-by date. And let's face's kinda cheesy...actually, it's a lotta cheesy.

I'm in two minds about this. I don't know how many others have a blog called "Internet Lovers" on blogger...maybe I'm the only one?...maybe I should hang on to this cheesy title because of that alone? Dunno. But as Cameron said, "Internet Lovers" is a stupid name, how come you couldn't come up with something better than that?" lol

So, I'm asking you. Do you think I should could continue with this title, or change it to something else? And if you think I should change you have any suggestions?

This is otherwise known as 'passing the buck' but I really would like to hear your thoughts on it.
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