Monday, September 04, 2006

Home and Away

Did you ever run away from home or at least threaten to do so?
From Mr Haney of Ramblin On

Apparently I used to run away all the time when I was a toddler. My parents bought a swing and slide set for the backyard to keep me there...that's where I used to run play on those contraptions in other kiddies' yards. It didn't make any difference, I still buggered off. When I was about 4 I used to 'run away' to my Aunt's house...she only lived around the corner...and whenever I stomped out the door, my Mum would ring my Aunt and say "Lisa's on her way again" lol.

My older sister ran away several times when she was a young teenager. She rang me after she'd taken off one time and asked me to pack a bag of clothes for her and hide it in the garden shed....of course I did it. My parents were furious with me when they found out.

Seeing the pain and fear my parents went through with my sister running away, was enough to keep me grounded and at home during my teenage years. And besides I never felt the need to run away. The first time I ever 'ran away' during my teen years, I was 2 months shy of my 18th mother helped me pack and even asked if she could come with me.

The next time I stayed in my parents' home, I was 25 years old, married, with a 10 month old Cameron on my hip and I stayed for a total of 9 weeks, while our house was being built. That's where Ryan was conceived...under my parents' roof lol. I've never been back, except to stay on holiday, when they retired to the South Island.

(When Cameron was 9 he packed his bag and threatened to run away...I let him get as far as his first foot out the door and called out "Wait!"....He stopped and turned to look at me with a smirk on his face, and I asked "Do you have your toothbrush?"...That went down like a lead balloon lol. )

What is your job like? I used to be a job developer and love that topic!
From PBS of Life is a Peanut Butter Sandwich

My job is busy and varied. I'm a medical receptionist in one of my region's more opulent suburbs. I only work 21 hours a week, and to be honest, I don't know how well I'd cope working full time there. The pace is full on, which I do love, and the time flies...but I come home exhausted after most shifts.

When I got home the other day Ryan asked me "How was work today?" I told him it was crappy. He said "Seems to me Mum, that you're not having too many 'good' days at your job lately." He gave me something to think about. Maybe it's time I moved on and looked at going back to full time PA work again?

The following day I worked with a colleague who had, just the week before, found her best friend had passed away peacefully in her sleep. This lady was only 58 years old and had been in and out of our centre several times during the two weeks prior to her death, twice during my shifts. My colleague told me that her friend had said recently, that each time she'd come in to see the doc, while I was working, that I had treated her so well she actually felt cherished.

Hearing that did wonders to jump-start my spirits about this position. I've held it for over 5 years now and while sometimes I do feel like gritting my teeth when dealing with difficult patients, there are others that make me feel I'm in the right industry for me.


I hope that answers those questions for you two. I'll continue to post answers to the rest over time but in no particular order. I still have a post to put together for my 9/11 tribute, so that's taking up some of my computer time at the moment.

Happy Monday!
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