Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Current Highlights(?)

I've been told I need to write some kinda newsy update post, so you all know what I've been up to. To be honest, it's nothing particularly exciting so I was back to scraping around in the bottom of the barrel to find a subject. My past skanky-ness is apparently not the best way to go it makes me look..well, er, skanky. Not something I'm particularly proud of, but hey, they're all learning experiences...some more than others...and certainly some I could've done without.

Anyway, on with the show. Here's the update:

I just finished the pack of 30-plus pills, that are supposed to help with PMS. I have to say they weren't too bad really. I had no sore bits, no mood swings etc and in fact the only time I had even an inkling it was about to show up, was the day before. That's when I felt a bit weepy and low. So, all in all, bit of a win there ladies. But, I'm going to give them a break for a month....I have a feeling they were interfering with the Tegretol I take for epilepsy...I've had more than my usual share of episodes the past month. If it makes no difference then I'll be back at the doc, if it makes a difference then the 30-plus tablets are gonna have to go and you my dears, will need to brace yourselves once again for the whinging.

The boys are doing well for the most part. In less than 3 weeks they'll be in the throes of sitting senior exams. Level 2 for Cameron, Level 1 for Ryan. I can feel the fun and games coming on as I type. Cameron is at the point now where he has had enough of school. Although he's talking about attending University, I think he's starting to wonder if he can be bothered going through yet another year (2007) before he gets there. Personally I think he'll stick it out because it's something he really wants to do. This morning he actually said "I need to get to Dad's to do some drumming." This made two thoughts whizz through my head..."Oh, poor baby's missing his drumkit"...and..."Hm, he must have a performance coming up soon that he's not telling me about."

Ryan on the other hand is very laid back and was over school well and truly before he started at the age of 5 lol. I worry that he'll be redoing this year come 2007. My heart aches for this kid, he worries alot about the fact he still doesn't know what he wants to do for work yet. Both quite deep thinkers, yet in such different ways. Cameron talks about his fears with me, using me as a sounding board, openly discussing what he feels he should do. Ryan keeps his locked inside and goes about life pretending nothing bothers him. It's not until after he's done what's required will it come out how he felt. He plays his acoustic guitar on a daily basis, the electric one is at his Dad's at the was getting a drag moving it back and forth between houses, and with it over there, he can jam with his brother.

The dread of them growing up is weighing heavily on my mind....the older they get, the closer they are to leaving home. It's something I'll deal with when I have to of course, but the thought of it almost makes me ill. When that day comes, trust me, I just know it aint gonna be pretty. Picture red swollen eyes, crying so much it's a struggle to breathe and continuous rocking in the corner. That'll be the moving truck driver that dares to try removing my babies from their mother's arms. Just kidding...not really. I'm gonna have to be smiling and supporting the latest level of their independence. In reality I'll want to be throwing my body down a black hole in the atmosphere, screaming "Noooooooooooo!!" *sigh*

My tenants (last January) are pregnant, and have also just moved out to a larger place. I can understand the need to be settled in a bigger home once their first addition comes along, so no worries there. The problem I now have of course, is to find new tenants, and with all the pissing about I've done recently, I've only just advertised this week. Hopefully I'll get someone who's happy to stay there long term. I've also made the decision to stop being such a pushover. I'm gonna put my big bad ass panties on and make sure they abide by MY terms and conditions.

Uh...what else?.... you remember me writing this story in March about the fire I saw on the opposite hill late at night? A couple of months ago I received an email from the chap in the photo on that post. He'd been googling his own name and came across what I'd written. Sent me an email to say how much he appreciated the support I showed to the fire service. That was very cool to get I must say. Hear that people?? I had contact with a real live fireman...Whoot! Unfortunately he didn't offer to come round with the rest of them in tow. Ah well, can't have my fantasies come to life now can I? What the hell would I fantasise about after that??

I realise I still haven't answered some questions that you've asked me from several weeks ago. I haven't forgotten, I've just been a bag at getting round to responding to them. I suspect by now you've forgotten you asked them anyway lol But I will answer them.

The elliptical in my lounge is not getting used every day, but it is definitely being used on a regular basis. It's not being strewn with laundry, it's still being used for it's intended purpose. Oh, and it doesn't strike the fear of God in me it once did lol. My MP3 player is not working so well for some reason - I need to get it attended to....I like the music in my ears, it motivates the rest of my body to move. Anyway, it's a work in progress, and Hips Don't Lie (Shakira, Shakira...lord if I wasn't straight...oh never mind).

My sister wants me and my mate to go back to the Orchard shortly to help sort her garden out. Considering the size of her garden there's a possibility I may never come home lol. My brother, his fiance and the delicious Lyla (11 months) are flying over from Oz for Christmas and my parents are flying up from the South Island. So, for the first time in over 3 years my family will finally be all together again in one place. I can't tell you all how good that's gonna feel. I am SO looking forward to it! Feel free to call me "Daddy's Girl"...I AM, and I don't care who the hell knows it, so there lol.

I'm done.

Happy Days everyone! Now go out there and behave yourselves...if you can't then we want pics ok? Ta.
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