Friday, October 27, 2006

Getting Some Dirt

I've always found there's something about a man that gets down and dirty. And I'm not talking about in the bedroom in this instance. I'm referring to the blue collar worker. In fact the same could be said for both genders. What man wouldn't like to see his woman with grease on her face, her body a bit on the sweaty and sticky side occasionally?

Now, I don't expect everyone to think that way. And I'm certainly not knocking the white collar workers...especially those that put on hardhats and toolbelts during the weekends lol. I'm merely saying that personally, I've a thing for the boys that earn their living by getting filthy and sweaty on a daily basis.

I remember watching my (ex)husband years ago, working at his brother's timber yard. The kids were toddlers at the time and we'd decided to drop in for a quick visit and take him lunch. Before he'd noticed our arrival, I stood there watching his determination, the sweat trickling down his face and the bulge of his arms as he steadily worked oblivious to the affect it was having on me.

He then used the front-end loader to move some timber...after jumping down and dusting himself off, he made his way over. His mouth half open in greeting, he took in my expression and gesturing towards the machine said grinning "Shall I bring it home with me tonight?" lol

The sight of an overall-clad mechanic with the smell of grease coming off him....the sheen of sweat on the bare chest of a construction worker...the whiff of turpentine from the painters/decoraters of this world...the courier driver that runs through the door to get a signature in his bright red and yellow garb. Any and all...I'm mentally drooling. My body responds in a way I can't quite describe (hope? lol), my automatic smile bright enough to challenge the neon brilliance of Vegas.

Overalls, uniforms, power tools, large machinery...bring it on boys...I'm good for it...well, good for perving at it anyway. I'll even give them a standing ovation if they want. And saying that, I'll only be watching from afar...getting any closer could be detrimental to their health and have me slapped with a restraining order faster than you can sigh "Oh dear, there she goes again."

Am I right? or am I right?

What about you? Blue collar? White collar? No collar?!
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