Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again! that Blogger has stopped poohing it's pants and some of the 'excitement' has settled down, it's time to get back to some kinda normal programme here. I had been thinking about writing a post about men and attraction etc, but with recent developments it completely ran in the opposite direction. No matter, I'm sure it'll surface again at some stage lol.

ANYWAY....Guess what I've got?? Acutally, you don't have to guess, just check out the pic.

Picture 325

So yes, the infamous parcel has arrived....been to the UK, and made it's way back to NZ. And thank goodness for that eh? Now we all know where Barnaby is, and we all know where the Bloggers Journal is. Jo, if you're going on holiday in the next few weeks, can you let me know? Cos I aint sending this baby back til I know for sure you're going to be there to receive it this time lol.


There appears to be something going on at lately. Ever since I put that programme into play with my lovely blogroll, I've relied on it to let me know when or if you lot have updated. For the most part all's been going well. In the past so many weeks, something didn't seem quite right.

To begin with I figured once the weekend was upon us, noone updated. There were no *'s alongside anyone's name. Forgetting the fact that it's almost a habit that I myself don't post over the weekends these days, I was mildly irked I had no new reading fodder to feast my eyes upon. That's otherwise known as double standards.

Yesterday I came in here, dropped down my blogroll and oh my Lord, each and every one of you had an asterik! That's including the blogs that have never had a feed to connect to in the past.

Today it seems back to 'normal', whatever the hell that is. But I live in hope at having the experience sometime soon. lol


The other day Cameron rang me from the Bakery to ask if I wanted cake. (What kinda dumb question is that? lol) I asked why and he said that one of the chocolate cakes was lopsided, so if I wanted him to, he'd bring it home. Obviously he had it in his clutches when I picked him up. At home I opened the box...

Picture 309

"What's that? Did they start to decorate it and change their minds or what?"
"Nah, that was just me having a go at cake decoration"
"Well, what's it supposed to be then?"
"Whoa Mum, what's wrong with you? Can't you see it spells "lol", geeez"

Of course it does!...How could I not have seen that?? Doh!
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