Friday, October 20, 2006

I Got The Boot!

I got smacked...well actually I didn't, I got the boot...only the one, my other foot is still bare.

Sometime around July/August I submitted my blog for a review at ITalk2Much. At the time I was looking for extra traffic to read the "2996" project I had just signed up with and was hoping to give it some extra advertising by getting more bloggers to participate in the 911 5th anniversary project.

Anyway, it backfired, because I stupidly thought it might get reviewed in the next few days after submission...definitely wasn't thinking about that part of it. The blog traffic came pouring through last night...almost 2 months too late for my original intention.

I certainly wasn't expecting a warm, fuzzy review...but if that's the way some people see me, then so be it. I won't be making excuses for my past when I went off the rails for a few months. It is what it is, I'm not proud of what I did but I won't lie about it either. I don't need to bring it out here to a public forum, fair enough. But I have, and will continue to do so if and when it takes my fancy. I should just write about all the rainbows and sunshine that happen throughout my life?? Be a pretty empty page if that were the case lol

Apparently I'm wallowing in filth around here and exploiting my innocent children by putting our cutsie pictures in the banner. So, if you'd like to go read a quick review telling me to grow up and take care of my it is.


For the rest of you darlings that regularly read my page, here's an update on my episode with Ryan yesterday.

He came out and joined us for dinner (I knew he would, I was cooking one of his favourite pasta dishes...I had planned to do that earlier in the day, so no, it wasn't me trying to suck up ok? lol). Funnily enough, he stayed out of his room for the majority of the evening (no internet see...I might be dubbed a skanky whore and bad mother, but I aint always that stupid lol). Watched some tv with me and then eventually we talked. We both apologised for treating each other so badly...he came over to me put his arms around me and we apologised again.

Being a Mum, as most of you will know, has gotta be the greatest challenge in life....managing to keep it together 100% of the time while parenting teenagers is a crock of shit, we all lose our rag at some stage. Yesterday was one of the very few times I've lost it with him and he's pretty good at pushing my buttons. If I've actually got to the point of swearing, then they both know I've got to the end of my tether. They know that's time to vacate my personal space. I also know when it's time to shut my mouth with either of them...Cameron's hands start working like crazy....Ryan's eyes take on somewhat of a 'death' glare. We all disappear into different parts of the house and have time out (yes, even at this age lol).

That doesn't make us bad people ya know...that just means we can read each other's body language well. The positive side of this, is that it happens so very rarely, that it gives us all a good shake up and we come out feeling unhappy for being such dicks, yet closer as a family.

So, anyway, today all is well in the Internet Lovers stomping, swearing or slamming of doors...just peacefully going about our business. Life is back to normal for us today....but then who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring? lol
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