Sunday, October 22, 2006

Knights In Shining Armour an' all that Shite

Thanks for your comments regarding the harmony in my home and the review on my previous post. You know I always appreciate your views and especially the support. My children also appreciate it....they both know that if I did not have you all to lean on, they'd be less or no children in this house by now lol.

As some of you are aware my oldest son, took it upon himself to get involved. I had mentioned the review to him on the way to school that morning....I also explained what that website was about...noone submits their blog unless they're expecting to get torn apart in some way or other. Mind you, I have seen some rather favourable reviews on there, but I was under no illusion that mine was going to be amongst them.

The biggest error I made that morning was saying the only thing that had stung a little was being called a bad mother. Being a mother is something I've always wanted to be. My boys are my lifeblood...which would also attribute to my recent thoughts of coming to terms with them getting older. I have to admit I don't like thinking too much about the time they'll be leaving home. That in particular has dread weighing heavier on me with each passing day.

Ok, that's literally a few years away yet, but the years are certainly flying by at a great rate of knots...I just know that day will be here well before I'm prepared to deal with it emotionally. As with each stage, I expect I will adjust, this being just another step. I'd hazard a guess and say it's going to be one of the toughest hurdles for me to overcome.

Anyway, Cameron being Cameron, went into that website Friday evening to take a look-see himself. I can't say I was happy with him reading some of the responses. He told me he'd had a good look around in there, didn't take him long to realise what the site was all about. Props to him for even reading the site terms and conditions, that is SO him. He told me later he read them specifically to make sure he wasn't going to breach them lol. What can I say? He's a Virgo, apparently Virgos are perfectionists, crossing t's, dotting i's etc.

For those that didn't go look in there, here's his first comment:

"I think you are all seriously underestimating the integrity of me and my brother. Yeah, I’m the older child of the family, the one who’s mother you just insulted. She’s a bit annoyed by your comments, but she understands it’s all just a big, unfortunate coincidence that you should happen to review her blog on the one day she posts the content she did. She’s not angry.

But I am.

How DARE you make assumptions about my mother’s ability as a parent? I live a good life, I’m taught good morals, fed well, disciplined and I work hard thanks to my parents, my mum especially. Apparently swearing at a 15 year old is going to send them into emotional turmoil and ruin them. The loud noise coming from the hole in your head shaped in a way that people find insulting is the worst thing a parent could possibly say to their children. (anyone understand this bit? lol)

Get in contact with me in 10 years time when I’ve got a good job and a steady income. Tell me I had horrible parents and I’m a bad person. By that time, someone will have invented a way to punch people in the face over the internet.
You’re lucky I would never hit a senior outside of self-defense, or I’d be aiming for right between your eyes.



Besides the mention of possible violence at the end there, the other thing that stood out was the 10 years thing. Lord I hope he's got a good job before he's many years is he planning to spend at University anyway?? lol

Although he was slightly annoyed by the fiasco, his comment was written rather tongue in cheek. I was horrified to see that he'd commented. I knew he'd just set himself up to be verbally slaughtered. He couldn't have cared less. In fact he told me after he got responses, he was quite disappointed. He was expecting something other than the effing and blinding that went on. Apparently he loves a good argument...enjoys the sparring of wordy splendor. I don't know why this surprises's not like I haven't been up against him myself lol.

He also asked me why I bothered submitting my blog to such a site in the first place. Gave me a bit of a talking to about not expecting anything other than what I got and that I should've known better. (Hell, sometimes he makes me feel like I'm living with my father lol). Regardless of that he still felt the need to jump right in there I guess.

My next question to him was "So, just how much of my blog have you been reading? Have you actually read anything on there that would bother or upset you about me?" His response? "Mum, it would seem to me that there are things on there that I would NOT want to read...I have no interest in reading your blog...blogs in general bore me. I only went through yours to get to the other site. I have a good foundation, I'm a good're an integral part of the reason my foundation is as sound as it is."

*melt* (Mush doesn't work with Cameron, he's a young man now, unless I was some love-struck girlie falling at his feet, I had to watch my approach lol.)

"Bless you for having such a good foundation....and bless me for giving it to you!" We had a laugh about that and then he went back to his room and bloody responded to the comments again on that dang site...regardless of me telling him to keep out of there now. *sigh*

It's not the first time he's wanted to have his say or felt the need to stand up for his family in some way or other. He did it earlier this year, just not in such a public fashion. He also did it last year with the school board in defence of his younger brother.

It has crossed my mind that if I keep getting myself in these kinda muddles, that maybe...just maybe...he'll feel he needs to stick around here forever to keep being my saviour lol. But no, I'm hardly going to stifle his life because I don't seem to always have control over my own. I'm a mother first and foremost...a ho second, JUST KIDDING! sheesh lol Just cos I have the occasional dirty thought, doesn't make me makes me normal I would think. The past is the past, and not a road I'd be travelling down again. Writing about it is one thing, doing it, another.

In closing, I'd also like to make special mention of my mate Dan who also went into bat for me. Despite the fact that he got abused and couldn't care less, it just goes to show doesn't it?....

It's me that's blessed...I'm a fortunate woman to have such lovely people in my life. Thank you :)

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