Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sinulator - Sexing It Up On The Net

Last week Dr Andrew at To Love Honor and Dismay asked his faithful readers about Weapons of Mass Seduction (how clever are those names??). He linked this article from the CBC news website and asked his readers for their thoughts. I read...tried to write a comment...went back and read again...had a think...tried to write another comment....and found I'd basically written an essay before hitting publish. Eventually, I chose not to post it, but to bring it here for you to have a chance to give your thoughts on it, and perhaps contribute to the good doctor's site yourself.

It's certainly an interesting article to read. I can see the merits of this Sinulator thing being used by those away from their loved ones for long lengths of time. I guess one of the main issues is the use of imagination coupled with the 'mechanical' stimulation and whether it works for both parties.

I won't deny I'm pro-phone-internet-sex from way back...what would be the point anyway? most of my regulars are more than aware of that fact lol. My previous relationships have called for it. You can't have genuine feelings for someone across the other side of the world and not end up getting frustrated or even slightly depressed, that there's no physical touching because they're so far away.

The idea appeals to me in some ways for the troops out there in other countries being able to keep in touch with their loved ones. It helps partners remind each other of how important they are, how much they love and want each other...that's gotta be good for morale on both sides of the globe I reckon. I suspect time zones and availability could cause some major problems. And then there's the it better to show your support by actively participating in the desire in this way? or better to show support in other ways and leaving them to get on with protecting themselves and their countries?

We can satisfy ourselves, but is it not a more intimate and loving experience if that special someone is involved in the only way that may be possible at the time? Personal experience has me knowing it alleviates the stress of seperation and relieves the sexual ache you feel for that person.

You can send them an email or a text to tell them how much you want to $#@ their brains out right now, but cold words on a screen is way down the list compared to hearing the warmth and reaction of their voice via the phoneline. I've often been annoyed over the years for not having more pairs of hands involved lol, but it is what it is...and you make do in as many ways you can.

Saying that, the Sinulator is a bit 'out there' for me. One of the aspects of the article I found difficult to get my head round was the bit about people going on that website and searching for others that have the handheld device...then requesting permission to control it. To me, they're strangers looking to get their rocks off. If I had one, it would hardly be put to use with any Tom, Dick or Harry. My view?'s akin to parking up in a bar waiting to hook up for the night. But even in that scenario you'd have a warm body to hold. Mind you, at least you wouldn't have to leave the comfort of your own home to get laid lol.

Different strokes for different folks an' all that I guess....I can see it being a bit of fun to lark about with, with your regular lover/partner, and I can see some people using it as a means to an ends to stimulate an otherwise sexless single life (not a word from any of you)...but it aint something I'd be interested in. Maybe some lovely anonymous person out there that's already used it could fill us in on their experience??

Your thoughts? Someone? Anyone?
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