Friday, November 17, 2006

Gotta Love Family

Put your feet up and get comfy, it's another long one.

Bit of drama happening with my family at the moment. My younger sister has decided to ask the rest of her family our honest opinion of her husband of 8 years. So far, I'm managed to fly under the radar and the question has not been put to yours truly. If it comes my way, I am not going to like answering it.

As some of you will know, my family is congregating together at the orchard this year for Christmas. My brother is coming over from Australia with his family, my adult nephew will be on the same flight (that bit's hush hush, it's a surprise for his sisters) parents are flying up from the South Island, and I can't wait to be with everyone in one place again.

For other reasons I can. My younger sister's husband...he's the least favourite of the family fact he's the only member of the family that the rest of us are uncomfortable being around. My sister has been with this man for over 10 years off and on now....this is his second marriage, he has two teenage daughters from his first...two children with my sister, 6 and 3 years old.

Last year he asked my sister for a divorce. Totally unexpected, dumped it in her lap one morning. He had been having an affair for some time and decided that this other lady was the one he wanted to be with. My sister was devastated. The family of course rallied around to support her. I also remember telling my older sister that should the younger one have the chance to get back together with her husband, and she did, then we would have to support her in that decision. She is afterall our sister. So, we were prepared when the Tosser changed his mind several months later, confessing things went pear-shaped with his 'new' lady. His oldest daughter refused to speak to her father for quite some time, this is exactly what he'd done to her mother. (Not with my sister I might add).

This is not the first time he's been unfaithful to my sister. Several years ago and before they married, he 'ran' off with the lady who waxed his back. He was very conscious of his hairy back and my sister suggested that maybe he should go to a salon and get it removed. Little did she know there was going to be more than just hair missing from her household. When that relationship went tits up, he was back, and she took him in again.

There has been plenty of rumours that this Tosser is still cheating on his wife...they're all hearsay, so I don't know if any of them are true, but judging by his arrogant and smarmy attitude it wouldn't surprise me. He's well known for shooting his mouth off about what he can get away with, in his business and personal life.

Now, my sisters are arguing about Christmas Day. My younger sister has said she's changed her mind and will not be attending. She's also using her children to drive the point home to their grandparents. My mother is upset but has said she will go to her older sister has asked my mother how she plans to do that, because she has no plans to be driving her to THAT house. *sigh* My younger sister has slowly lost her friends over the years because of her husband, and it seems she's now losing some of her family. In my opinion, he hardly deserves her loyalty. He's certainly not afforded her the same consideration.

There's obviously more involved in this situation...there are years of distrust with this man. My ex husband bought the business he currently still owns from the Tosser....due to an extremely dodgy handover, my ex could've taken him to court and wiped the floor clean with him...his lawyer even suggested it...but he didn't. I have to give my then husband credit for not wanting to cause strife in our family. Especially when I had got to the point of saying "Ok, this has gone too far, I've had a gutsful, take him out" (lol). He refused to, saying "I can't, she's your sister, family is family." Our boys were only young at the time, and I refused to ever refer to the Tosser as "Uncle" to them. The kids have only ever called him by far as I'm concerned he doesn't deserve to have that title or connection to my children.

My older sister's husband is in the same boat. The Tosser is an intelligent man but he's cunning with it...a dangerous combination. He's a successful real estate agent, and there aren't many people up the coast that like him, he steps on anyone that gets in his way. And he gloats about it. Over the years my BIL has done extensive work for Tosser, he's had his plumbing crew go in and completely revamp kitchens and bathrooms in at least 2 of the houses they've lived in. Currently there is an argument going on between them because of one damn BIL now wants that toilet back come hell or high water and despite the fact he has God only knows how many toilets at his disposal, the principal of it has become paramount. My BIL wants to "snap the cheating bastard's body in half" unquote. I told him if he can do it without getting caught, then go for it...said I'd even drive all the way up there specially to put the boot in myself *blush*.

Oh well, what's a family without some kind of drama going on in the background eh? I better ring my mother tonight and let her hear from a daughter that's not venting about toilets and such. I'll have to think of a safe subject to chat, mother loves playing golf...I'll speak golf with her (google will have to be my friend again today lol)....I'll even avoid saying I'd like to wrap a club round the neck of that son of a bitch.

Right, now that's off my chest, I better do something more pleasant than think about the clean out the cat litter. And if any of you lovelies have managed to read this far, you deserve a standing ovation...*stands up applauding*...."BRAVO! BRAVO!"
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