Friday, November 24, 2006

My Hot Box

Don't be smutty, it's not about THAT, sheesh.

It's been a helluva few days and I'm still recovering. Being the TradeMe (NZ's E-Bay) fiend that I can be at this time of year especially, I sent this email off to a seller today.


Hi there!

I'm SO sorry for this late payment! When I first accepted this offer I was just leaving the house and planned to pay for it when I got home. And that's when everything hit the fan. The power's been out for over 12 hours, and after several visits from the electricity board and then my own finally got reconnected...which caused a power surge/spike and blew several appliances around the properly including the gas heating unit to my tenancy downstairs.... which meant plumber, gasfitter and electrician, again.

I have had 9 tradesmen traipse through my house in the past 48 hours...9!!!! and although I had forgotten about paying for this shirt by then, in retrospect it could have been due to me pulling out my hair and close to dancing naked around a bonfire chanting at the moon...thus no clothing would have been required. Course, that probably would've caused major emotional trauma for my new tenants, and I can't afford the extra cost of therapy this close to christmas *sigh*

BUT... today, ALL..IS..WELL! Hooray!!!

I know you didn't need to know all that, but it did kinda make me feel good to say it all out loud...besides it's better than hitting the bourbon, which although appealing, would mean I'd not respect myself in the morning.

Right, I feel better now...thanks for listening. Oh and by the way, the amount of $**** (incl P&P) was deposited directly into your bank account about 20 minutes know?...just in case you were wondering!

Tired and close to mental health admission I thank you for the trade with warm regards


I do hope she believes me, because God knows it's the honest truth. And yesterday when I got home and went to speak to the tenant to ensure his hot water was up and running again, he was in the process of cleaning out his fridge due to the motor in the back getting fried!
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