Sunday, November 19, 2006

Post Orchard Post

Last weekend, Anne and I arrived back at the orchard early Saturday morning to help with my sister's garden. This was a stretch of garden very over grown you could only just see the tops of some of the lovely roses and shrubs that were being choked by weeds.

So...we got down on hands and knees, yanked out copious weeds, took a break...back into it, weeding, weeding, weeding, blah blah blah, another break. Neighbour turned up to check on her horse that's grazing on the property....the wine came out and there endeth the gardening 'mission'. It was 1pm lol.

Despite only working for a few hours, I had sore arse and thigh muscles, and my fingers ached due to the length of my nails I think...anyway, I cut them off the following day (the nails that is, not the other bits lol. My fingers get a new found freedom when divested of their long nails, hence the hideously long posts this week lol.)

On Sunday morning, Anna, Jason and Jaimee arrived at 9.15am just after the rugby started. The New Zealand All Blacks were playing against France. Have to say I was starting to feel sorry for the French...what a whitewash. Yay All Blacks, that's my boys! lol

After the ruggers we went for a walk through the orchard (you know...just for something different lol). This was the first time Anna had seen my sister and father for over 9 years...both sides were thrilled to catch up. It was particularly heartwarming for me to see these special people bond so instantly again.

Here's a few shots from the weekend, care of Anne.

Our on the left, Anne on the right...we're thinking of making up plaques "Lisa's Room" and "Anne's Room" to stick on the outside of the containers lol

The men, hard at work in the garden after the women had clung onto the excuse of the neighbour visiting so they could stop for wine to go do something as equally sweaty and important. (Get a load of my BIL, the man's never out of shorts and flip flops if he can get away with it. Surprising he didn't whack a toe or two off lol)


Jaimee, Jason, Anna and my father. Anna would've been wearing gumboots/wellies too if I hadn't already beaten her to the shoe rack lol. Isn't my Dad fabulous?

A rather tired little girl after the orchard walk...I have to wonder why, she spent most of it riding around on someone's shoulders lol

My favourite (and for the moment my desktop wallpaper lol).

Right, that's enough family stuff for the week I reckon lol. Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and are healthy and happy. *mwah*
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