Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Catch Up

First of all, thanks to all those that went ahead and did the survey below. Much appreciated.

Not much to report...hence the lack of posting. Besides, I thought if I left that up long enough, I might get more of you to take the survey lol.

Work has been much the same as usual...although Monday mornings seem to be growing in size. There are only so many hours to fit into one shift ya know? I'm not sure why the Practice Manager thinks that on top of all the extras we have to achieve on a Monday morning, that she can lump other unnecessary tasks to the list (eg. buying 6 mandarins to go with the partners already substantial lunch, wtf??). I told her last Monday that she thinks too much in the weekends about work. She comes in on a Monday with far too many new ideas she feels need to be implemented right then and there. Pfft.

I thought I had a new tenant, but she pulled out yesterday (this after her telling me twice on Sat and Sun last week that she was definitely moving in, and then me finally getting hold of her to find out when she was moving in). It was all go until then. Damn, and here's me thinking I was going to have a 3 month old baby to play with occasionally. Anyway, I'm back in the papers again advertising. This has pissed me off no end because I've already turned away several people interested in coming through downstairs. I will comfort myself with the fact that the flat is soon to be re-carpeted and she'll miss out on that lol.

I've a friend coming down from Auckland this weekend to attend a Stag night he's organised for one of his best mates. He wants to go out on Friday night to 'case the town' for some ideas. And he wants to drag me with him. I loathe going into town...really, I do. While I was whining at a girlfriend over the phone yesterday about it, I said "I really can't be bothered. What would I wear?" Her response? "Pretty undies...oh and clean sheets" ??!!??!! Oh ha bloody ha. I don't even want to go to town with the man, does she really think that means I want to get anywhere near sheets with him?? Not gonna happen.

I also have a bloggy friend coming up from the South Island for the weekend for his daughter's birthday. We'll be meeting up for coffee sometime on Friday morning. Now that's what I prefer. Good coffee, good company, no hassles or expectations, and I couldn't give a shit what I'm wearing lol The only effort I'll put in is brushing my teeth and seeing as I do that every morning regardless, it's easy peasy lol.

That's kinda cool don't you think? I'm actually going to meet someone from my current blogroll! Given the fact that I'm in NZ, and the majority of my blogroll is USA, Canada or UK based, I don't get the opportunity to meet up with you lot very often...or even not at all lol. Will attempt to fill you in about it and let you know how many times I bash him for comments he's left here previously lol.

Right, better make tracks or I'll be late for work. Hope you all have a terrific day/night, whatever it is. Ciao for now!
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