Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Update

I met NZDanBoy for coffee Friday morning and we went for a wander around the mall, sat in the sun, talked practically non-stop, and eventually ended up here at home, for more coffee and still yacking. I only just made it to my afternoon shift (2pm) on time. What can you expect when you put two gas bags in one place for 4 hours?? (Fizzy? Jo? sound familiar?? lol)

Oh and I better add he left relatively unbruised....I only thumped him once for a stunt he pulled earlier in the week via text message. So all's good. Dan, it was certainly a pleasure to meet you, and anytime you make it to Wellington again please feel free to drop in. By that stage I may have thought up new reasons to give you the bash lol. (The wisecracks in your comment on the post below is a good start!)

I highly recommend meeting someone from your blogroll. That was bloody good stuff, good fun and a lot of laughs. Most enjoyable. So....who's next? lol

In my previous post I was whinging about my Claytons tenant (that's a tenant when you're not having a tenant)...she left me in the lurch on Wednesday. Anyway, I received a phone call Friday before work from another interested party, who came around with his wife and child Friday evening. And started moving in on Saturday! One less thing to think about. Yay!

The clincher on a great day was being able to manouevre myself out of going into town on Friday night. In fact I stayed home and did stuff all but wind down alone after a full day. Again Yay!

Three things that touched me this weekend:

1. After clowning around with my oldest son and saying in a whining voice, that I'm just a Mum...Cameron sounding genuinely astonished "Mum! How can you say that? Being a mother is one of the most awesome jobs you could ever have!" (I stand corrected.)

2. Having this wee mynx hurl herself at me yelling "Aunty Lisaaaa!", when I dropped in to visit Anna and Jason. This young lady is always a ray of sunshine for me...should I ever be feeling a little 'flat', a few minutes in her company is all that's needed to lift my spirits. (I must say the strawberry lip balm I keep in my handbag that she likes to play with helps lol)

Picture 178a

3. A hand delivered mocha at 6.45am Sunday morning during a fleeting visit on his way to Wellington airport, because he drank my last one on Friday. (The fact that he rang first before dropping in, and I insisted he pick it up on the way is besides the point lol.)

Hope your weekends were all just as relaxing and enjoyable, and to those that celebrate Guy Fawkes tonight, I trust you'll end the night with sparks flying and a fearsome bang! (lucky bastards *mutter mutter*)
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