Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bibbity Bobbity Boo...

Thank you to those that have emailed me to check I'm doing ok. I really appreciate hearing from you, always do. And yes, I'm doing ok thank you...well, I will be anyway. My mood goes in 'waves', some days are better than others, and as time rocks on, things can only get better. It helps to keep that in mind...the urge to start yelling "When? WHEN WILL IT GET BETTER??!" could be an issue though lol. I'm finding it easier to keep busy and not think about it. You know the drill....emotional shut down, blocking out thoughts and can count on me, I've always been good for that.

I apologise for not answering the rest of my comments on the post below. I really just haven't felt up to it, but I certainly appreciate what you've all said and am truly humbled by your kind words and the support they give me. The lack of it from other parties here on the blogisphere can only be expected...yet the shock of reading my previous boyfriend felt that our entire relationship was built on cheating and lies was not an easy pill to swallow. If I thought it would make any difference I'd suggest he do some number crunching with dates to sort out the bullshit scenario he wants to believe.

We all knew I could be a bitch right?...if I linked every post I've proved that openly in we'd run out of room here. Apparently now I'm quite the gifted liar and can juggle relationships simultaneously with the deception and pretense of a finely skilled magician. Who knew?? If that's the case then it's only fair I have a wand...imagine the damage I could do with one of them there things eh? Just thinking about it makes me shiver with anticipation.

Anyway, enough of that rubbish...a quick update on my household and it's occupants:

Cameron has completed his exams....Ryan has only 1 left to go, he has the music exam on Wednesday to deal with and then the whole she-bang of schooling and stress is over until the beginning of February.

The major electrical appliances/equipment that got zapped in our recent power surge are now fixed and up and running. Little things keep popping up that we hadn't noticed earlier time....the AA/AAA battery recharger and Cameron's cellphone charger being the latest discovery. I'm too scared to plug my toothbrush recharger back in and see if that's dead as well...that would just be the final straw for me.

My younger sister has not changed her mind about Xmas day. She will be the only family member absent, and while it's a shame she won't be there with us, it's her choice. Regardless of copious amounts of intervention from my brother in Sydney, she's standing firm. Must be something about the women in my family and their stubborness.

When I think I'm close to finishing up my christmas shopping, I find there is still plenty missing from the list. I'm hoping to remedy some of it today. I'm pretty much done for my's the littlies, my nieces and nephews that I need to sort out now.

Right I'm done for now.....I'm off to pull the rabbit out of my arse and continue getting on with my own life.

I hope you are all well and I'll be in and out of your blogs to be sure you're behaving, or not...Happy Days to you all!
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