Friday, December 15, 2006

Close Enough...

I was going to wait and post this next week, but seeing as I was feeling so chuffed with myself at 12.30 last night, the fact that I'm going away for the weekend again and I felt the need to post something before I take off.... I figured, why wait? lol

My first attempt at this small movie was fun, and I do believe I buggered around with it so much, and have watched it so many times now, that I can see oh so many things about it I'd like to change. Typical. The first 3 photos in it you will definitely recognise ha ha. My apologies for the resolution on some of the photos. The one of Jaimee in my lap is not a resolution issue, merely a "Jaimee-wriggling-at-the-wrong-time" moment. lol

Just a short compilation of pictures from the past 12 months. Starting with Anna's wedding in February, Barnaby Bear, orchard pics, my brother, sister, brother in law, father, and obviously plenty of my boys. The song is one of my all time favourite christmas tunes by the Eagles and the whole she-bang is less than 3 minutes long.

This morning I'm still feeling somewhat elated with my efforts, but I'm bloody tired, so I hope you're able to view it and I'd sure appreciate you enjoying it LOL.

I wish you all only the happiest and safest of times over the holiday season. Be good to yourselves and to each other. (Yeah, I know I don't actually have to tell you that, you're all smart cookies.)

Merry Christmas Everyone! *group hug*
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