Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Almost Over...

Hello My Lovelies...

I apologise for the lack of a new post. My absence has not been due to anything other than me being away for the weekend AND my cable modem dying. More fallout from the power surge a couple of weeks ago unfortunately. Needless to say, we were extremely happy to see our ISP technician turn up this morning with a new modem. Prior to that we were wandering around the house with blank faces, 'visiting' each other. That was rather cool.

As is to be expected at this time of year, all is very busy trying to get organised. I've been shopping for the little kids I needed to buy for...Anna was my timekeeper, she basically kept slapping her hands together saying "That'll be good for so and so...cross that name off the list....moving right along now...who's next?". It's probably the fastest I've ever managed to get that part of my list done. I must remember to take her again with me next year lol.

Cameron has bought himself a Nintendo Wii. His mother is rolling her eyes at the accumulation of yet another bloody console littering the floor in the lounge. He was most put out when our internet disappeared due to the wireless capabilities of this phenomonal new device of his. Today he sent me an email from it and I was instructed to reply *sigh* Blow me down if the sodding thing didn't just up and glow blue when my response was received, pfft.

Two minutes later my cellphone went off signifying a new text message received. I said to him "Oh, that will be the Wii saying thanks very much for responding I guess." I really do love that frowny face of his...which incidentally, was nothing compared to the facial expression he gave when reading my email reply on the tv screen lol.

Ryan is more than relieved that his exams are over. He doesn't show much on the outside, he tends to internalise it all. Trying to keep that in mind, I had been squirting Rescue Remedy down his gob the night before each exam and then again before he left the house on the day to sit it. Whether it made him any calmer or not is hard to tell, but it made me feel better to do it lol.

We're all doing ok, just hanging in there and taking each day as it comes. This includes still dealing with the insurance company re my recent power surge, coping with family dramatics and trying to override the frustrations of everyday life and it's continuous complications.

Sound familiar? Hold tight people, the holiday season is upon us, there's a light at the end of the tunnel...somewhere...I just hope it's getting closer, cos Lord only knows I've sure as hell had enough of this year! lol
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