Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pre-Christmas Update


(Edit: 24 December: At 5am this morning, this is the sound that woke me up. *thump, thump, thump, thump...."BLEEEEEEEEEECH!!* Yep, Ryan almost made it to the fact he managed to get as far as the threshold...thus it was all down the door and across the floor instead...mind you, the next couple of chucks were directly into the toilet bowl. Poor baby. The biggest panic for me was that it was streaked with so much red...that was until I remembered him having a strawberry sundae last night after dinner, phew. Noooooooooo! Please! Not NOW!! Just thought I'd share that lol)

This is nothing like the post I was planning to put up before Christmas, but with time running out and my head not being in a very settled writing mindset, it's the best I can come up with for now. Forgive me for being a tad on the blah side ok? *smile*

The boys are still on their summer break (until the end of Jan at least), and so far they've not done anything too energetic around here, coming and going, and then sometimes not going anywhere for days on end, just happy to hang around home. Not such a bad thing really.

Ryan got in the car last weekend after finishing his shift at KFC and said that he would probably be leaving not long after Christmas. He's unhappy working there now, the place is poorly managed and has been for years. When he first got the job I was a little apprehensive about him working for this branch in particular because I'd heard nothing but complaints. A change of manager has done squat all to make it any better.

A few days later, Cameron decided that he will also be leaving. He's going to write a letter of resignation and point out the reasons for why he's leaving. Poor management and the work ethic of other staff being the main issues for him. He's still working at the bakery, has been for over 3 years now and last weekend he asked his boss for a raise. He pointed out that his loyalty couldn't have been better. He's watched several bakers assistants come and go during that time and even with the problems he's been experiencing with his legs now, he still continues to work for them.

The boss told him he's the best assistant they've ever had and offered to put his wages up over $2.00 more an hour...Cameron responded with "$2.50" and the deal was done.

While sitting outside smoking at my hairdresser's yesterday (with dye doing it's thing in my hair), I got a call from a wonderful lady from the insurance company...she talked about the letter and invoices I faxed them last week and basically closed the file. Bottom line, they're going to pay for everything that got zapped in my recent power surge. Some of the goods I still didn't have quotes or invoices for, had only given her estimates...but she just decided to pay me out on the estimates I'd given anyway. I've never heard of that happening before but I couldn't have been happier to get that news 3 days before Christmas! Yay!

She also said "Let me tell you Lisa, you could certainly teach the rest of our insurees a thing or two...your letter was laid out gave me all the information I needed!" Hooray for me! lol

The last few days I've been running around like a headless chicken during the hours I'm not on shift at work. I think I'm pretty much done with everything that's needed before we take off up the coast to the my sister's. Cameron is now ok with staying in the tent, it's probably me that has an issue now. It's been so cold here with the southerly continuing to come through, I hope like hell it's a lot warmer further up the coast or I'll be freezing my tits off, and that's saying something. Considering it took me a while to convince Cameron, I can't NOT sleep in the damn thing myself can I? lol

I am going to be knocking off a few more names on my blogroll shortly. Blogs of people that have pretty much stopped writing altogether for one reason or another. The problem is of course I am always going to wonder whether they'll start up again, and what they've been up I'll add them to my favourites list and continue to check every once and a while. I'm nosey like that.

This will likely be my last post before Christmas, so once again I shall wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season, and look forward to catching up with you on my return.

I'm posting my 'christmas card' here again for you to watch if you haven't already. This link should take you directly to YouTube. Otherwise, scroll down, it might work better that way, who knows these days?? lol

I'll try and be sure to come back in one piece, and I'd appreciate it if you all did the same! Take care of yourselves and have fun!
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