Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Preparing for Incoming...

*settles in chair, takes deep breath*

It's now Wednesday morning here in New Zealand, and I have so many thoughts and "to-do" lists crowding the inside of my head, it's a wonder my fingers are able to do anything other than write more lists....more lists, oh and let's not forget MORE FRIGGIN' LISTS!


I need them, I can't get through this time of year with any form of sanity without them. Lists ensuring I've included all I needed to for christmas presents, a list for what I'm required to put together food-wise to transport up to the coast for christmas day. Another list to make sure the boys and I have everything we need from home to take with us. A list of all my bloody lists.

My brother, his fiancee and their 14 month old daughter arrive in New Zealand tonight at 23 year old nephew is coming in on the same flight. My parents arrive in Wellington on Saturday.

Did I tell you we're going to be basically camping out this year? Yeah, that's right, the kids and I will be sleeping in a tent while we're at my sister' was decided this past weekend. I have graciously *cough* given up my container bedroom for my brother and his family. Considering there will be at least 17 people staying at the Orchard, it was only fair, not to mention practical, that some would end up in a tent. That "some" consists of me and the boys and my girlfriend with her 21 year old daughter. Mind you, it's a kick ass tent with 3 double rooms...but it's not so kick ass that it has it's own toilet or a hot shower.

Hey, we're made of hardy stock(?), and we're only a few feet from the main house, so how hard can it be? I've been wanting to go camping for's my chance to try it out without being too far away from the comforts of home. Cameron's staunchly told me "Mum, I won't be going to Aunty Di's if we're sleeping in a tent ok? That's just the way it's going to be."

Ho ho ho honey...whatever...he'll be there with jingle bells on if I have to shove them down his throat and hog tie him to Santa's reindeer. Should it get to that stage, I'll push up my sleeves, throw Ryan the camera so he can snap pics of the brawl that comes about. That way I can make another small movie clip...possibly to the sounds of Billy Ocean singing "When the Going Gets Tough..."

Cameron might get his way the majority of the time, but mark it well... I'll be winning this one.

When the going gets tough...the tough get going
when the going gets rough...the tough get rough...

I can barely wait til the fun this space...
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