Saturday, December 30, 2006

Putt, putt, putt....

My ex-husband turned up at 8.30 on christmas morning, told the boys their mother and him had bought them a joint present but he couldn't be bothered bringing it up, so he'd left it on the street and told them to go get it.

Neither of them had any idea. Ryan looked at the car and assumed his father had crashed his other one and that the present must've been in the boot (trunk) lol. As they walked down the driveway, Dad leaned over the balcony and said "Oh, you might want these too" and threw down the keys.

We watched from above as it finally dawned....Cameron first...."Oh man, NO WAY!...That's AWESOME!"...Ryan was silent, still wondering what was going on, and where was the present? (oh dear poor child lol).

So yeah, we got them a car for christmas. Obviously on my budget it's not brand new. In fact I think it may be around 1993...a Mitsubishi Lancer, in great condition, mag wheels, white (bleech), and only a 1.5 litre, so nothing too powerful that will get away from them. Their father had rung me a month or so ago to ask how I'd feel about them having one, and would I like to go halves in it. He gave me a run down of the specs "...newly registered and warranted...manual...they won't be embarrassed to be seen in it..." etc etc. It seemed the natural next step to me, so I agreed.

He made Cameron get behind the wheel and drive them to a large empty carpark, where he proceeded to give Ryan his first driving lesson. I think Cameron almost crapped his pants having to drive there and back home. He hasn't been behind the wheel of a car in God knows how long, and certainly not a manual, his Dad and I both have automatics.

Ryan was embarrassed that he bunny-hopped the car continuously, until we convinced him that everyone does it. [In fact when my father was teaching my older sister to drive, she hopped the car along so badly she shook the muffler and exhaust off the car. The whole family (minus Mum) was in the car, and my brother (4 at the time) got so scared he ended up bawling lol.]

So now they have a car, all that's needed is for them to learn how to drive it (is that all??). I have visions in my future of being able to sleep in during the weekends instead of getting up at 5.30am to drive Cam to work. Hooray! [I've decided it'll be more positive to think along these lines as opposed to freaking out about my babies being on the road on their own eventually.]

And where was their mother on Christmas morning, while all this driving excitement was going down? She was busy cooking breakfast....from the safety of her kitchen of course!
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