Thursday, December 07, 2006

What the...?

Me to friend over the phone: "I've been really getting into The Cranberries lately."
Friend enthusiastically: "Oh yeah! They're really good for bladder infections eh?"
(After I erupted with laughter, she said "Don't put this on your blog ok?" yeah ok, whatever *snort*)


On the phone to Cameron who was at an end of year exams party after realising he was supposed to take some alcohol:

"So, shall I get you some beer? You don't like beer eh? Oh! How about some bubbly, would you prefer bubbly?"
"No Mum, don't get wine....that would be problematic."
(Only mother, like son)


2 and a half year old Jaimee running towards me the minute I stepped foot in the door:

"Aunty Lisa! LOOK!!" *Hiking up skirt* "I GOT KNICKERS!!" *big grin*
(That's progress for you folks *sigh*)


Doctor calling across restaurant: "Hey Lisa! You'll know. What was the name of the nightclub that used to be in the Willis Street Village?"
Me: "What the hell's THAT supposed to mean??...*cough*...It was CHIPS."


Work colleague with camera: "Come on ladies, stick your chests out."
Co-worker looking at me beside her: "That's hardly fair! How am I supposed to compete with THOSE??"
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