Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Desperately Seeking...

I went into New Zealand's most popular dating site yesterday morning. I was sitting here staring at the screen, trying to find a subject to blog about and figured I might find something on the messageboards/forum in there. What a waste of time that was lol.

But, it got me thinking about what people want or more to the point, what they ask for. I went through some profiles, both men and women...some are pretty basic. They're lonely, want to share their time with that special someone, want friendship first and see where it goes kinda thing. Others are more God, the wants and needs of some of the nation are enough to make me pack up house and move to a shack amongst swamp land.

My thoughts turned to expectations. What we expect from each other as life partners, the expectations of friends, or the possibility of moving friendships to the next level. Do we make it clear at the beginning what we expect? I'd have to say in my opinion, we don't. Of course we can be honest as always to start off with, but we don't show our REAL selves do we? We're there to basically show how lovely a person we can be...well hopefully anyway. If we came out with the dark side at that point, there'd be a shitload of relationships that would never get to see the light of day.

Besides it's not always possible to say what we expect and what we really want at the beginning of a new relationship...regardless of what we know about ourselves deep down and what we feel we'd love to have in such a union. Things change as time goes on...we change, both sides do. One time we may feel we need more attention, at another we could feel smothered with too much. I guess the key is to try and balance a happy medium.

So, anyway, while I was messing around online I came across this. It's a love calculator. See? That's all we needed. Type in your name, date of birth, cellphone number, and wa la!...the powers that be get out their pencils and start a'scribblin'....36 = (x-2)^2 + (y-5)^2, throw in the theory of relativity (E=mc^2) and out pops the name of your love soulmate. Either that or you're running round in circles...small ones.

Anyway, I got me a name now. His name is...wait for it....Oakley. Yep...O.a.k.l.e.y. Oakley. You're shittin' me right?? I have never heard of anyone named Oakley, I doubt I'm ever gonna find someone called Oakley. That means it all comes down to my blog. I'm going to have to end this with some sort of public announcment. You lot do me a favour? Broadcast it out there, let your friends know, I'm on the search to find studly Oakely...he has to be out there somewhere, we just need to find him is all. Anyone that's even remotely interested in spending time with me....well,'re gonna have to change your name TO Oakley ok?

*clears throat*

So Oakley? If you're out there and you're needing some lovin' and you want a good woman that wants you for YOU, not just someone who's gonna stare right through you? (anyone get THAT??) Here I am. Come get me please. I'm ready, I'm willing....that website said you're my love soulmate. And seeing as I believe everything I read on here, it must be so.

Come to me baby... don't be know you want me too.
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