Monday, January 22, 2007

Fancy Meeting You Here

Firstly, that last post was pretty crappy. A small conversation between two people that should never have gone public...who knew?? I did, well I certainly do now and should've known better than to put up such a subject, regardless of the funny side of my chat with Steve.

At the time I thought it wouldn't be so bad....then I had to respond to the comments....that was kinda yukky. In fact it was MORE than yukky, it felt putrid...I felt like I needed to get off my chair and jump up and down to shake off the whole ghastly feeling. What on earth possessed me??!

Nuff of that.

Moving right along....let's get onto some positive warm fuzzy stuff eh?

What do you mean NO??!

Well I say, blog, an' all lose.

Now for some rather cool news. I met another blogger That's right, I did indeedy do. (wtf is that? no matter, it's there now haha.) I met Kassi of Kassi's Kingdom. In fact I not only met Kass, but also her MOTH and their children, K and S.

What LOVELY people! I feel very fortunate to have met Kass and her family. I believe I was the chosen blogger that she felt safe enough to meet in person. Others (*cough*) unfortunately fell by the wayside...probably due to their showoff comments when it came to the real fudges of the world or something. Dunno. *shrug*

Kass rang me earlier this morning so we could organise a meeting place, and I felt so comfortable and relaxed talking with her on the phone, it was like I'd known her for ages. I stopped to pick up a friend along the way and excitedly asked her "Do I look ok?"....My international reputation could be at stake here you know??" (As if I haven't already ruined that several times myself on here lol.)

I think that's one of the interesting things about the blogging community. We read bits and pieces of each others lives a peeping tom sorta thing, but not. And slowly we get drawn into those worlds. We read about each others families and what we do with our spare time or just daily life in general. And then if the opportunity arises to meet up at some stage, we know enough background to skip the small talk. (Saying that, I had missed one extremely BIG detail about her husband and embarrassed myself accordingly. Pfft)

We already enjoy each others company via our blogs, why wouldn't we face to face? Stands to reason really doesn't it? As far as Kassi's children were's hard to describe...after reading so much about them, I felt a genuine rush of warmth to see them right there in front of me. I had to stop myself from being too scary by grabbing them both and squeezing tightly lol (see that? I do have some restraint! Didn't know that about me did you?)

When it came to my own children being present, I had to try and make up for their lack of appearance by bringing along my very own CampLeader (aka Anne). Cameron was at work and Ryan?...well, he was still sleeping when I left the house *sigh* Besides, if I'd managed to drag them along, no doubt they'd have had their say about how much they dislike being mentioned on here. Cam would've followed that up with something about bloggers being a weird community of people. Course, that doesn't stop him from launching a small revolution of sorts on here when he wants to eh? It's obviously only ok sometimes. *snort*

Kassi, it was a pleasure to meet you today. You and your family are just as beautiful in real life as you are online. Thanks for providing me with such delightful company this morning. And you can bet your husband's hot patooty, I'll be in touch and you'll be seeing me again.

Not that I was looking...really...I wasn't!...Anne told me that later, so there.
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