Friday, January 26, 2007

Not Always For Public Viewing

You know how sometimes you leave the house wearing something you're not sure you should be wearing? You wonder if you may end up feeling uncomfortable with others seeing you in what you've got on? Could be the colour's not something you'd usually wear, or the style is different etc. Or that it's just not comfortable to wear full stop, the material's scratchy or not sitting right on your body or whatever? And you know how sometimes that drives you back inside to the closet to make a last minute change? know how sometimes you throw clothes on, quick scan in the mirror and then leave the house without much thought about it? Long as it's tidy, not offensive and your skirt's not caught in the back of your knickers, you're good to go kinda thing.

The latter is what I do most of the time, unless I've got some special big night out (I do have them occasionally you know), I don't primp and preen much when it comes to what I'm wearing. If it's comfortable, I like the colour(s), it's not too tight (too tight is never good for my body shape I tell ya), then I can get on with whatever it is I'm rushing out the door to.


Yesterday, I wore the above shirt to work. I'd never worn this shirt previously. Lace across the bodice and around the hem, kinda pretty right? I loved the colour and it was comfortable, so that was good enough for me. I'd tried it on once in a hurry to check it fitted when it first arrived, just in case I wanted to send it back. I couldn't get the colour I wanted in my size, so I ordered the next size up. With it being a camisole/shrug combo, I thought that wouldn't be an issue, I'd just 'shrug' it tighter ya know? (Sorry about the fuzzy pic, I couldn't find it bigger than a thumbnail basically.)

That was my first mistake. By the time I got in the door to the surgery, I felt like half my bra was on show. I got one of the nurses to give me a semblance of decency with a couple of safety pins. The second mistake I found out? I wasn't able to bend forward...not even a little bit. I discovered that gem, as I leant across the reception counter toward an elderly gent to hand back his credit card. His eyebrows shot so far up his forehead they disappeared beneath his comb-over.

So...I spent the rest of the morning looking down at my cleavage making sure it wasn't on show to everyone else. Then I was concerned that those in the waiting room would see me doing it and think I had a fascination with my own bosom. The paranoia continued to build during the morning and occasionally I'd find myself in one of the nurses rooms adjusting my bits. I couldn't wait to get home.

Moral of the story: Never order something online purely because you fancy the way someone ELSE'S tits look in it.
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