Saturday, January 06, 2007

Preparing for More Growth Opportunities

My lawn man of 7 years (7 years!) dumped my lawn's ass about 5 weeks ago. Yep, he was downsizing and decided that although I was one of his very first customers, I was just too far out of the 'zone' for him to continue. Does loyalty not count for anything anymore? Sheesh. More evidence of the 7 year itch? Perhaps it's just too gardenly for his tool to handle?? (That's a crock of shit, there's bugger all of it lol).

*Standing in the hardware store, holding petrol driven weed whacker*

Me: "What do you think? This one seems ok eh?" *starts playing air guitar against it singing Green, Green Grass of Home*
Cameron: *rolls eyes* "I guess."
Me: "Some enthusiasm would be nice dear."
Cam: "We're talking manual labour Mum....enthusiasm is not an option here."
Me: "There are three able bodied people in our house, we can share it, besides it has to be done. Right, I need gumboots, new gardening gloves etc."
*Picking up ear muffs, raising eyebrows at him*
Cam: "Yeah, probably a good idea."
Me: "Eye safety goggles? lol"
Cam: "Yeah, better get those too."
Me: "Are you sure? God, I can just imagine what I'm going to look like in this get-up *sigh*"
Cam: "You're going to look like The Fly" *laughing heartily*
Me: "Aw man, that's hardly conducive to me getting sex anytime soon is it?"
Cam: *covers ears* "La la la la laaa, I can't heeear you"
Me: "Want the muffs?.....speaking of..."
Cam: *choke* "Mum!"
Me: "Well shut ya gob then."

We thumped my credit card and left the store. I just about had a kaniption when I saw the cost of the damn ear muffs...$! Not to mention the boots cost me over $60 AND I got mens ones lol (I basically slipped my foot into one, thought "Yep, they fit, cool" and took them off the shelf without looking at the cost, duh.) If I look at it as accumulating another pair of shoes, I'm ok with it.

I was tempted to turn up at Anne's fully kitted out in my new gardening attire but that would be just asking for trouble. Her camera's practically a body appendage these days. She'd have snapped off a zillion before my rubber boots could get me outta there fast enough.

I was telling my ex-husband later that I could easily fit my iPod earphones under the earmuffs and go about business...might not make it seem such a hassle that way. He strongly suggested I not listen to music while using it, could be unsafe. What? He thinks I might not realise I've whacked off one of my toes if I don't HEAR it happen??

I should probably let him know I couldn't even get the damn thing started eh? lol.
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