Friday, January 05, 2007

Quick Overview

Spent Xmas Day with my family at the Orchard. Was wonderful to see everyone again and all together in one place.

Stayed ONE night in the tent. Due to Ryan being ill on Christmas Eve, and seemingly ok on Christmas Day, we continued with the original plan and tented that night. Wouldn't you know it? At 2.30am I was standing outside in the rain holding a torch, while he was parked up on the outside loo. Not only did I get saturated doing that, I had to first go into the loo to remove a spider before he'd enter it again.

Incidentally Cameron was the only one who had a decent night's sleep in the tent...although he did say the next day it would've been better if we were not having a conversation over the top of him at 3am. (I really must remember to plan the bed layouts better next time *snort*). Anne turned up at the tent 'door' around 9 to complain that I was still in bed and I threw a box of moccachino at her. By the time I put my feet into gumboots and staggered in the door of the main house, my mocha was ready for drinking.

We drove home Boxing Day. The day after that I decided I wasn't going to miss out on spending precious time with my parents and brother, and drove back up - minus the boys. I had met their father for coffee that afternoon at the Mall. I talked about working like a tag team for the kids and he agreed. I reached across the table, touched his arm and said "You're It" lol.

The traffic was so slow and congested going back I managed to put on makeup. The drive was boring, my vanity case was right there beside me, and it seemed as good an idea as any to fill in time. I stayed two more nights with my family, farewelled my brother, his fiance and the beautiful Lyla (14 months) back to Aussie on the Thursday, then kissed my parents goodbye on the Friday and drove home.

There was a heated family 'moment' one morning. Two of my nieces (both adults) had a major argument about not a lot...they'd spent the night sleeping together in one of the container bedrooms. The following day there was all manner of clothing and toiletries flying out the slider and a whole lotta yelling going on. My brother reckoned it was more entertaining than watching telly. The upside of it is they haven't spoken to each other since(?), so no extra drama has been added. The downside? One of them actually broke the other one's finger, which is now in a cast with the possibility of the tendon being operated on!

I feel like I've driven up and down the coast so many times in the past week or so that the car could do it on auto-pilot. I opted to stay home for New Years Eve although I was supposed to drive back up for the party at my sister's. The boys and I went out for dinner with a small group, then came home and spent a quiet night in...until just after Midnight when I drove Cameron around to his mates place (I know, I know).

The boys have been out in the car twice more since Xmas Day with their Dad. Ryan has apparently got the starting thing sorted, although Cameron says Ryan's stopping leaves a lot to be desired and the strong probability of whiplash is starting to bug the shit out of him. Might pay for Dad to start taking them out seperately from now on...I'll leave that up to him. Long as I don't have to be in the car while it's all happening, I'm ok with however he does it lol.

Right, I'm done for the moment. Happy Day to you!
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