Wednesday, January 10, 2007

She's a Cracker

So much for me posting 2 days in a row...was feeling rather impressed with myself for a moment...thought I was on a roll. A very short one obviously lol.

I went and picked up the belt/strap for my weedeater today, it didn't come with one, and considering my back was complaining so badly, I figured it could only help.

You know when you're body starts giving off signs of you getting older? I don't necessarily mean the gravity thing, we've been there and discussed that plenty on here. No, I don't mean that (although I still hate that word with the passion of a thousand rabbits shagging), I'm talking about the grunting and groaning of muscles, the creaking and cracking of bones etc. Yeah those real nasty kinda sounds.

The other day I bent over to pick something off the floor outside Cameron's bedroom door....standing up I emitted a small grunt....I GRUNTED for fuck sake! I was mortified and Cameron came rushing out of his room when he heard my horrified gasp.

His panicked "What?..What's happened!??" was answered with "Oh God, I just made an old person's noise! know? of THOSE noises?!"

Understanding dawned on his features and he took me gently by the shoulders saying "Oh right...Ok, let's not panic".

*looking deep into my eyes, talking slowly*

"Did you do it on purpose?....or was it in.vol.un.ta.ry?"

I avoided his gaze.

"Mum? Look at me, Mum"

Me: *sniff* "It was...involuntary"

Him: "Oh...oh dear..."

*sighing he gathered me close, rubbing my back*

[And here's the best bit....]

As he was offering me comfort...he said quietly to himself...

[wait for it....]

"...and so it begins..."

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