Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Skip to My Loo

I leave you lot alone for a while and look what happens! Sheesh. Bickering in my comments below like that, shame on you. While Monica and Leilani are busy deciding who gets to be the flirty skirty with Craig at the pub....Jo and Fizzy are trying to throw their weirdness on each other. And Dan? Well, who the hell knows what Dan's up to?? Methinks he's forgotten to take his medication. Course you can't remind him of that, he could start frothing at the mouth at this to throw the water bottle and pills in his general direction and run, baby, run! Well done to Anne for admitting she IS the patooty checker-outter! That's set in concrete now (or on film anyway).

*takes deep cleansing breath, smooths down hair*

Right, let's get on with this jimble jamble before I get myself organised and actually write something that flows properly lol

As I mentioned in the comments of the post below, I'm either going to have to add more kiwi bloggers to my blogroll, or mortgage myself to the eyeballs to get the chance to meet the rest of you. OR you could come to NZ, it's a beautiful country you won't be wasting your money or your time coming here. In fact this country is SO gorgeous I have plans to make sure I get to see plenty of it myself in the future. The scenery here is spectacular and I want to take advantage of that before I'm too old and wrinkly (shutup!).

I'm thinking about heading up to the orchard this weekend. Still humming and haahing about that right now. Besides I haven't even talked to my sister yet, she may have had enough of my mug for a while. Do you know that when I was up there not so long ago, we went to the christmas party for the Plumbers, Electricians, Concrete band, plenty of drink and food etc...and MY sister had one chap convinced I was the best gospel singer in New Zealand?? Amazing, powerful voice, been recorded on several occasions, blah blah blah. I obviously hadn't even opened my gob and warbled a note, or he would've known immediately she was full of bollocks (not to mention wine).

More cool news today. I spoke to Leilani on the God, what a woman! We spoke for two hours one stage I had to pee, and I had to pee BAD, my bladder was starting to ache. I wondered if I could get away with going into the loo and just doing it while she was talking? I actually walked INTO the toilet, heard my voice echo off the walls and thought "Naaah, I can't do it." I know some people can talk to others while they're chatting on the loo, but I'm not one of would feel...weird. *shudder*

I wandered down the hallway to Cameron's bedroom...quietly opened the door...he turned sleepily over to look questioningly at me. Nope, couldn't put her on him while he still didn't have his bearings. I knew I'd pay for it later. At that moment, Ryan surfaced. Bingo! I excused myself, gave Ryan the phone saying "Here! Say hello to Lani, she's calling from Texas, I gotta pee!" Ryan told me later he didn't mind me doing that, "Although I wasn't expecting such a....a....such a welcome" unquote lol.

See Houston? we don't have a problem at all!
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