Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For the Balloons in My Life...

(that's you lot, just so's you know')

I've learned...

- that when I go up to the Orchard, I generally have to return either the same day or the following day to retrieve something, namely my handbag/purse (I can't believe I did it again!!);

- that I can say the most unexpected things at appropriate or inappropriate moments depending on who's point of view you're looking from. (If I feel it, I say it, offend or please);

- that each time I return to the Orchard something new's eventuated. This time it was a bedroom extension and a couple of new brick pathways. As one of my brother-in-law's friends said recently "Hey mate, what's the story with all these little houses that keep popping up all over the place?" It's like playing "Spot the Difference", I love it lol;

- that Anne can make a lot of noise if I sleep in 'her' bedroom/container and manage to get my sister onside with both of them having a go at me with their arms folded as I strip the bed the following morning (what happened to family loyalty??);

- that my teenagers are still gullible enough to believe they're on the receiving end of two goldfish....to the point of naming said goldfish. Ryan changing his mind several times because Cameron suggested he come out with a posher name than "Twiggy". I think Ryan's last attempt was "George Geoffrey Junior" (Neither even noticed the fish had disappeared the following morning lol);

- when I promise a friend I'll collect her from the ferry terminal at 4.30 this afternoon, I can be fast asleep instead, only to waken in a panic stricken state to see it was 4.56;

- no amount of apologising would make me feel any better for being so late - the restless night's sleep didn't help of course;

- when another friend is asleep, snoring away on my couch, I find myself struggling not to get the webcam out to record it and post it on YouTube (As if I would! Alright, yes, the thought crossed my mind, but I really wouldn't ok?)

- I can have difficulty talking about my weekend with one of my closest friends at breakfast this morning for fear of bursting into tears;

- when someone jokingly pretends he got flowers especially for me, and even when I know that's a load of bollocks, I'm still touched by the gesture regardless; (yeah I know, I'm THAT easy to please lol);

- that when I struggle to find something to write on here, I can rectify the problem by coming out with an "I've Learned..." post, hahaha;

- that a man who's not romantically interested in me can make me feel mushy and a little melted with an unexpected text message he chose to forward to me...."Friends are like balloons, once you let them go you can't always get them back. So I'm going to tie you to my heart, that way I'll never lose you."
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