Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting Personal

I went to see the doctor early this morning. I went because he rang me earlier this week and said it was time to turn up for my 3 monthly check. I often manage to get away with these checks....just ring when I need medication and he writes a script. If I come down with anything that needs attention straight away, I tend to use the doctors at my place of work. I really need to print out my computer notes from work and pass them onto my personal GP (Dr Tim), so he's aware of everything my body's been going through lol.

Occasionally I'll flash the mole on my left shoulder at one of my colleagues and ask "Does it look like it's grown bigger since the last time I showed you?". Dr R has asked me before, "why don't you just let me whip it off for you?" Yeah I'm going to let him put a needle in me, and then take a knife to me?? Truth be told I just kept saying "Yeah, ok, soon" hahaha Soon just never seems to come in a hurry to my life. "Soon" tends to stroll itself lazily toward me, changes direction a couple of times away from me, and 2 years down the track I might think about it again. lol

My life's like that in many ways. I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. I barely ever take risks. I have to make sure I've got all my bases covered before I make the first move on any project. That's with everything personal or professional life is different, I act when and if I need to, using my initiative in my working career has always been top notch (that's just in case there's anyone out there wanting to hire me hahaha). On the personal front, every now and then I throw caution to the wind and spontaneously jump in feet first....the excitement carrying me away, I feel pumped with adrenalin purely because I'm actually doing whatever it is without much thought.

Today Dr Tim saw me in the waiting room..."Good morning Trouble...come with behaving?" "Of course!...always...sorta." He stopped walking and stared at my face...."Hmmmm........." I stood there under his scrutiny thinking "What can he see? Does he know? Oh God, he knows, he KNOWS!" Before I knew it, I was grinning at him. His left eyebrow raised, nodding his head he said quietly "Good for you." and we burst into laughter.

I asked him about two moles in particular....having been told I should get rid of them, and knowing I really should, I finally said it out loud. He took a look...the one on my bicep he called blahdy blah blah (new medical jargon for you)...something about a hair follicle going a bit crazy. The one on my shoulder is different, but he's willing to remove both.

Now, you see, I finally took the step to do something constructive about it...and he said, "Wait til we get the new blahdy blah (different from the first blahdy blah mentioned above)....he continued "Last time I removed one there was smoke coming from the aparatus in my hand, not the patient's skin hahahaha" I've known this doctor for at least 17 years...if he can read my facial expressions so easily, he should certainly know better than to tell me shit like THAT.

Furthermore, he followed it up with, "Come on then, come out here and get on the scales so I can be mean to ya." It's a wonder I even like the man really.
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