Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is This What They Call Progress??

I was thinking you lot might possibly be missing me....thus I felt it my duty to come back in this morning and let you know I'm still alive. As previously mentioned, I've been painting. Did you get that? I've BEEN painting....that means for the moment I'm finished. That's right, I'm done for now. The hallway and lounge both have a new lick of paint on their booty. I've decided to give myself an emotional and physical break before I tackle the rest of the house lol.

The hallway was completed last weekend, no was the stinking lounge that took SO friggin' long. When I felt like I'd been stepping around obstacles for weeks on end, it occurred to me that it's actually only been a just felt like eons. Everything's still not quite back in place properly and at the moment it all feels so cold and sterile. I only just screwed the curtains rails up last night, so the drapes are yet to be hung, and there are no photos/pictures up.

I'm not too keen to be sticking hooks into my newly painted walls right now lol.
But soon as I've given it enough time to cure properly, the nails will definitely been going in...I need my babies faces back up where I can see them. If I don't get those photos up soon, I might forget what they look like. (Here's hoping anyway hahaha. I'm just kidding! sheesh)

I don't think I've ever taken such an interest in looking at walls. Last Saturday night after doing the first coat in the lounge I sat here staring at the walls....willing them to be different when they dried. They looked disgusting...I could see roller marks all over the place....rang my BIL feeling slightly panicked because I felt I must've done something wrong. My poor BIL must sigh very heavily mentally everytime he hears my voice...I'm sure there's a "Shit, what's happened now?" tone to his voice when he hears my falsely cheerful "Hey!" Relief of my despair came in the form of a second coat.

On Tuesday, I met Ryan outside the doctors office...he had an appointment after school and I'd turned up in my painting gear. He took one look and said "Oh great, the dungarees...*sigh*". "Hey, don't be like that, I just had to go into the supermarket wearing these."...."Yeah but I wasn't with you then" This from a kid who requested I change out of my work clothes before going grocery shopping with him a couple of years ago...."because you look too important." Can you say "No-win situation" ??

The reactions of my teenagers to all this fresh paint?

Ryan: "Do you realise you've just gone and wiped out my entire childhood?"
Cameron: "You're being too fussy Mum....Oh...*pointing*...You missed a bit."
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