Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine...

Well here it is again.

*twiddles thumbs*

What to do, what to dooooo??

Hard to believe that this is my third Valentine's Day post really. That's right, count 'em up...2005, 2006 and now 2007...1, 2, 3. Who'da thought I'd still be blogging over two years down the track? Not me...I figured I'd have met a wealthy oil sheik and been whisked away to the land of gold and honey by now...or some such malarky.

SO, it's here, and thus I feel the need to come up with something appropriate to write about. Pfft. Why, Why, WHYYYY??! I ask you! We barely even celebrate Valentine's Day in New Zealand!


Alright, here goes. *ahem*

I hereby dedicate this Valentines Day to:

* The lovely man in the coffee shop near work. This young man teases me about bran being in the muffins because he knows I won't buy one if there's any bran in them. He tells me there's bran each and every time I ask. (Take a hint Lisa, stop eating the muffins!) Yesterday he told me that whenever he sees bran he thinks of me now lol. He makes the best moccachinos, and every now and then I manage to score a free one out of him....I have no idea why. Over the past 6 months I've had free scones, muffins and coffee, (not all at the same time I might add) whenever he's feeling in a generous mood. And yesterday he almost made me do a double take by calling me Sweetheart for the first time ever in our 'relationship' lol

* The wonderful plumber that came to the 'last minute' aid of my leaking gas hot water cylinder on Monday. He had to replace the bottom valve and a couple of pipes. Furthermore, he didn't bat an eyelid when I greeted him at the door smelling of Red Georgio Beverly Hills (thought the least I could do is NOT smell of B.O. cos I couldn't have a shower). I had a full face of makeup after leaving work at midday (panicked about my house blowing to smithereens), and was dressed in a pair of low cut dungarees splotched with sugar soap. I welcomed him with the enthusiasm of 2 yipping puppies eagerly awaiting their master's homecoming. However, he did keep his distance and was very quiet to start off with....but I think once he realised I really wasn't a desperate divorcee trying to get into his pants, he loosened up some. He was flat out with work, yet managed to squeeze me in regardless. For that I am very grateful.

* My girlfriend's father, who supplied me with a paint tray, roller with extension and cutting brush, to get me started on my hallway and lounge walls this morning. I'm also so thankful that he put up with my endless questions over the phone the other night about types of paint, what to do first, how to do it and if I stuff it up will he let me hire him so he can put it right. He also allowed me to use his name to get a decent discount on the paint I bought this morning.

* My oldest son who followed instructions over the phone (when I rang from work), and balanced a bucket on top of the cat biscuit box, which was balanced on top of a stepstool to catch the continuous drip from the hot water unit before he left for school Monday morning.

* My youngest son for not complaining (he actually said "Cool!") when I served him up spaghetti on toast for dinner because I was too busy cleaning down walls and moving furniture around to throw together something more substantial.

* To the men on my blogroll. Fred, Gary, H&B, Mongooser, tl, Ryan, Mr Fab, RainyPete, MrH, NZDanBoy, Larry, Andrew and Gary. For hanging out here occasionally and giving my page some much needed and wanted masculinity. Strike me down if I missed anybody out, I really appreciate each and every one of you dropping by.

and last but certainly not least:

* To the caller that I speak to most mornings...who jump-starts me from sleep with some good conversation, makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face that keeps me going for the rest of the day.

Bollocks to the rest of you.

Nah, you know I'm just kidding. Don't be so sensitive. You know I love you all right? Yes I thought so.

May you all have a terrific Valentine's Day, and ensure your significant other is made to feel extra special, as they do you.

Although why we should limit it to only one day a year is beyond me. Love should be celebrated every day and I'm sure a lot of you do that.


*throws balloons and heart-shaped confetti in the air, cues some romantic sexy music*

There you are...that's just to start you off. GO!
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