Saturday, February 17, 2007

Watching Paint Dry...

As some of you are aware I've been painting. Well attempting to anyway. The furniture in the lounge area is in complete chaos and I still haven't moved my computer yet. I'll be doing that this weekend because I have to get in behind here to clean the wall down ready to paint.

Last night I started on the hallway with a roller. I'd already done the 'cutting in' the night before. Rolling "half Spanish White" (dirty cream) over a very VERY pale lemon is not good for your eyes. It's bloody difficult to tell in artificial lighting where you've been and where you haven't. I'll do the second coat this morning while I can still see properly. My hallway is not very wide...unfortunately my arse is...and I now have two rather nicely rounded marks on the bum of my dungaree's where I touched the wall whilst bending over painting the opposite wall and talking on the phone at the same time. The call was instantly disconnected.

In the lounge, for the past 16 years or so, the colour has been peach..Angel Peach to be it's a damn sight easier to tell. Both boys were very skeptical about me changing the colour in here....neither of them have been any help, but that's my own fault. I started doing this too late in the summer break and they're both back at school. Although I have to say it's a lot easier doing this when noone else is in the house. The cat and her continuously shedding coat has been relegated to the garden.

I have bruises on both legs and hips from bashing into boxes and furniture that are no longer in their usual place. I have paint in my hair and I have gone through several pairs of latex gloves because I refuse to touch any of the equipment with bare hands (haha). I rummaged around in my linen cupboard to find some old sheets to use as drop-cloths...thus we have a colourful display of space ships, racing cars and the alphabet strewn all over the show.

I've been neglecting my friends to get the job done. Those I haven't neglected are getting phonecalls from me asking questions about the why's, where's and how-to's of painting. It's obvious I've never done this before. I've even been on here and googled "how to paint walls"....found a fantastic website with lots of tips and information. Hot damn I LOVE Google! Google is my friend. Lots of smooches to Google.

This morning I shall take a small amount of time out to do the washing. That's the extent of the excitement my life holds at the moment!! *sigh* However, yesterday I downed tools to go and do whatever, which resulted in some slap happy and slightly crooked trimming afterwards, and a dazed medical receptionist on her afternoon shift. It was worth it. I'm still reading my favourite blogs when I help me out here something super exciting so I can live my life vicariously through you at the moment ok?

I'll be back....I'll be lighter and fresher and possibly reeking of paint fumes, but I'll be back all the same...
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