Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Deciphering Me...

The last couple of days have been like slow motion. Literally. I've never been someone to be constantly moving and on the go anyway, I'm far too lazy for that. Lots of things I know need doing are buzzing in my head, so my brain is always working, but my body? Nah. It goes at it's own pace.

Today it showed that more than ever, when I got to work and found myself so lightheaded and giddy I had to move around at the speed of a snail. Went into the nurses office and asked her to take my bp. My blood pressure was actually really low...MY blood pressure...that is SO unusual for me. My bp has always been on the high side and a few years ago it got dangerously high (205/130). I finally gave in and started taking medication for it. It's NEVER been as low as it is today.

I have no idea why. It's not like I've been sitting on my arse doing nothing is it? Anyway, the nurse involved the doctor, who halved my meds and we're going to see if that makes a difference. I hope so. I've got lots of things I want to do around here, and it's taken me this long to get motivated. That smidgeon of motivation will be obliterated if I have to do it in slow motion for fear of the giddiness completely taking over and having me faint. Nothing will get done. That'll piss me off no end.

My previous post was obviously a bit of a vent/rant *sheepish look*. Thank God for my blog I say...it's been great in the past for me to spit thoughts out on, and it's now obvious to all and sundry that I still use it as such. Thank you to those that have commented or emailed me. I appreciated hearing from you. I always appreciate hearing from you.

I realise that 95% of you may have no idea what I was going on about because I've chosen to keep my personal life and what's going on in it, to myself. Obviously I drank far too much, turned into a potty mouth and spewed forth. That's ok, I'm allowed, but I do try to keep it to a minimum when I have more control. I hate turning into a loose cannon.

I've decided to take a blogging vacation. Don't know for how long, but I know I could do with a break away and I also suspect it's been coming for a while. I will endeavour to keep up with what you're doing... as you know, I'm too nosey not to keep my hand in here somewhere. So I won't be disappearing completely...just taking the time out.

Have fun people, enjoy your lives and those that are privileged to be in it...oh, and blog about it. That way I can continue to share in some of those special moments too!

Until then...much love to all...*blows kiss*
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