Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Working It Good

The man at the coffee shop knows the sound of my voice over the phone almost as much as he knows his own these days. I say "Hello", and he answers with "Hiya Lisa"'s a good feeling knowing my voice is recognised so easily. He also makes sure that by the time I get there, the coffee's good to go, regardless of how busy they are. That's kinda special in my book...I know HE knows how little time I get to collect my usual brew, so he does what he can to make it happen.

The medical centre being as busy as it is these days (ok, every day), I always ring through my coffee order before racing around the corner to pick it up. If I don't ring first, I end up standing around in the shop anxiously wondering what's happening to the poor sucker I've managed to talk into covering the front desk for me.

One of the other gents in the coffee shop showed me a faster way to get to them several months ago. It's via a small alleyway that goes from behind the neighbouring mechanic's garage through to the childrens small play area, right next door to the coffee shop. Brilliant. Works for me.

Until last week...I rushed out of the alleyway to find myself confronted with a large 4WD and one of those orange plastic flexible fences that workmen put up temporarily to stop the public getting by. I stopped in my tracks, took in the situation, there was no way around it. I stood there thinking about having to retrace my steps and go the long way around. Knowing I was running out of time, my coffee was getting cooler, the nurse I'd left on the front desk had another patient turning up any minute, I wondered if people did these things sometimes deliberately to piss off the likes of me. I concluded the only solution was to go over it.

Which I did...with a complete lack of style and grace, almost landing on my face. Standing up, I smoothed down my shirt, pulled my knickers out of the crack of my arse and walked into the shop with as much decorum as possible, hoping like hell noone had witnessed the spectacle.

After tapping his watch and looking at me sideways, he asked what took me so long and did I actually want a cold mocca today. I told him I'd been held up.

"Oh yeah, and I had to climb over a damn fence to get here."
"I almost brought it to you myself."
"Hey, don't you be teasing me about that, you know I'd take advantage."
"Yeah, I thought of that, and then realised I'd probably be spending most of my day running back and forth to the medical centre lol"
"Oh haha...You'll miss me next week you know."
"Eh? And where do you think you're going then?"
"Nowhere, I just won't need to be doing extra shifts."
"Coffee quota's going to drop through the floor then"
"Whatever...Just make sure you miss me next week, ok?"
*handing me my drink* "No doubt about it....I miss you already."

It's no surprise that particular coffee shop is so busy...thinking about it now, the majority of the patrons are women, go figure. lol
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