Monday, June 25, 2007

42nd Street

It occurred to me yesterday, that last Friday is the first time in over 2 and a half years, I've ever had a guest blogger on my site. I've always been such a greedy wench, never sharing my page with anyone...I must like the man or something lol. (Ya think??)

I had a lovely weekend with my sister and her hubby. Diane and Steve (that's their names for those of you that don't know), gave me an overhaul voucher to a private beautician (do you think they're trying to tell me something??)...ok, it wasn't an overhaul per se...but an organic facial with some kinda mud clay treatment for my hair (sounds horrible to have dirt all through my hair, but I'll give it a shot, how hard can it be? I only have to front up and lie down...too easy). Seems these days almost everything is organic when it comes to my sister lol.

The kids gave me a new cordless home phone. The previous one was really on it's last had to punch some of the numbers about 5 times with a fair amount of force, before any call would go through. It's got all the bells and whistles and I was rapt they thought of it all on their own. Cameron feels insulted when I tell him that, he reckons I may as well say they're thoughtless the rest of the time lol. I love that now they're older, they come up with things they know I'm going to enjoy receiving. Like the iPod they gave me for Christmas...where I go, it follows. It's a nice feeling knowing they're aware of my likes and dislikes as I am of theirs.

Dan gave me an early birthday present when he was here last. I was not only surprised but totally delighted he'd thought to do that back then....I'm embarrassed to say, I'd probably never have thought to do the same myself. Which has me wondering if I should've given him a birthday gift in advance, considering I may not see him until after his next birthday.

It's a slimline briefcase (in pink no less), with tools in it. That's right, tools! lol There's a hammer, wrench, measuring tape, pliers, 20 different screwdriver heads, a spirit level etc, and each one has the colour pink on it somewhere. It's perfect for me and I love it. I've barely used it so far...I don't want to get it scratched lol. I've used the pliers to fix the metal clasp on my dungarees...which is kinda fitting because it's what I wore while we picked apples the last weekend we spent together at the orchard. I've also used the spirit level to straighten up a picture on the wall...more just for the hell of it rather than because it was slightly crooked lol.

When I told Anne, she hooted with laughter and said "Oh my God Lisa, he knows you sooo well!" The slogan of the company that make this toolkit is "Tools for Women, and the Men Who Love Them"....I don't know if he's even aware of that, but I don't care because I know now and it just makes it that much more fabulous lol.

I received three bunches of flowers from the staff at work, which helped to soften the hellish shift we endured that afternoon. At one point with all the ruckus in reception, including two emergencies and the doctors on deck already stretched to the limit, the question crossed my mind "How come I have to deal with this crap on my birthday??!" lol

I also received a small parcel from England. "Magpie", who barely ever posts anymore on her blog, sent me a couple of bags of Thornton's Original Toffee! I took one up to Di's for the weekend, I knew if I didn't share it around my teeth would still be stuck together tonight...that toffee is divine! I love the stuff and she knows it. I'm touched that she remembered. It's a shame I don't know what Mags is up to these days, her last entry was in April I believe.

Anna, Jason and Jaimee gave me a book about friendship with beautiful photography on each page. Anna has always had a gift for writing things in cards or the front of books that make me feel like bawling and this year was no exception.

So, thanks to my loved ones, who via their thoughts and actions, showed me once again they really do 'get' me...and thanks to all of you that sent good wishes and heartfelt words/comments on my 42nd birthday....I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. There's a Danish proverb that states "The road to a friend's house is never long." It's true, and I'm sometimes amazed at how often I feel that so many of you are living in the house next door to me. Kinda weird given the distance, but rather cool nonetheless.

You know?...This growing older thing? It really aint so bad I reckon.
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