Thursday, June 07, 2007

But I Already Go Shopping!

Cameron and I were having a discussion about what would/could/should happen when he eventually leaves home. There's no estimated date of departure...I think he just likes to fantasise about when he's no longer going to be under this roof. Occasionally he'll bring it up...I think he's concerned that if he doesn't mention it now and then, I'll forget it's ever going to happen.

And besides, if there was an actual date, I'd have scrapped going private and permitted the whole damn universe to see the torture my oldest son was subjecting me to. You do realise when he goes I'm gonna be scarred emotionally to the point where I'm rocking and wailing, right?

Me: "What if I just want to pop in and visit?"

Cam: "No, you can't visit with me..."

Me: "I'd respect your privacy...I wouldn't turn up unannounced, I'd ring first"

Cam: "... you can only drop things off."

Me: "Eh? What THINGS? Money I suppose?"

Cam: "No, like computer things. You know, like when you get frustrated and can't work it out? *changes to high pitched whiney voice* "Something's gone wrong and I can't figure it out, please fix it for me?" like that"

Me: *snort* " can't I just stick around while you fix it?"

Cam: "No, because if I let that happen, then I can see a whole lotta things going wrong with your computer in my future."

Me: "That's not very fair."

Cam: "No Mum, the decision is final, there is no room for negotiation. There will be no staying."

Me: "But wait...what will I do while you're fixing it then?"

Cam: " Oh I don't'll just have to go shopping or whatever else it is that old people do."

(You all know that I'm gonna be getting my arse in that door now don't you? Besides the fact that I want to show him just how determined old people can be, I sure as hell want to know what it is he thinks he's gonna be doing once he's flown the coop!)
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