Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Getting Comfy

Ok, I think I've done it now. Sorry I don't have anything more interesting for you to read at this point in time...I was purely adding you all to the permission thingy and seeing if it worked. I'm humbled by how many of you sent requests, thank you. (Larry, you silver-tongued devil you lol.)

I sent invites to most who asked, relented and sent 3 out that didn't, but thought they may be interested anyway lol. I can't help it if you're away on holiday or don't have readily available internet access. I took it upon myself to assume you'd be devastated if you came in here to find you'd been shut out...I'm hardly going to be happy feeling responsible for that much emotional trauma lol.

I was going to say, if you can't get in here and you want to, then just send me an email or say so in my comment box. Then it struck me "How is that possible when some people can't even read what I've said here anyway, doh!"

Put that down to a blonde moment, or possibly, a senior moment. Considering my birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, and I do have highlights in my hair that could be seen as blonde...take your pick, reader's choice. I'm that generous.

It'd be nice to think that after all these years, I could be more than just a work in progress eh? Then again, what are we, if not continuing to learn and grow as the years rush past us so switfly? I'd be a pretty arrogant son-of-a-bitch if I thought I knew everything and was done growing.

So yeah, here I am, hidden away now to spill my thoughts and feelings to only those that I feel comfortable sharing with.

Welcome to my self-induced hidey-hole! *grin*
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