Sunday, June 17, 2007

Guys and Dolls

I watched a documentary on telly the other night about some men that had dolls as companions...sexually and otherwise. Real Dolls, they're known as. From a distance they do look rather real, but they're actually made of silicone...I think the standard model weighs about 100 pounds of solid silicone.

Each man interviewed had his own reasons for purchasing his doll companions... they're lonely for company, they want sex without the hassle of dating first, they want a woman that was a particular build, shape, colour...or maybe they have some kinky crazed sexual fantasies they feel no real woman would participate in. How easy to order one to your specifications eh?

There are probably plenty of men out there that wish their partners were the perfect physical female speciman. Far as I'm concerned, they're blowing smoke up their own arses. She doesn't exist. One way or the other, she is almost always going to find something about her body she's not happy with. BUT, if you don't care about that and feel she's perfect for you, then that's another kettle of fish altogether of course. Not to mention a more realistic attitude.

Back to the programme...these men go shopping for clothes for their 'women', some talk to them (which i guess is better than talking to themselves maybe?), some take them out in public, they will pose them in various positions; reading books, leaning up against walls etc...some dolls have a bolt on the back of their necks, so they can be hung upright for standing.

During the interview, one man took the camera crew into his bedroom where he said he thought his lady was still sleeping because he'd had a fairly rigorous session with her that morning. He enters the room and says "Yes, she's still sleeping." Then proceeds to pick up her 'awake' silicone face, which he'd replaced earlier with her 'sleeping' silicone face. Did he not remember he'd just made the switch himself? It's not like she could do it herself is it??

There are no motor mechanics involved, but over time the limbs can get a bit on the 'floppy' side. Once they get to that stage, they need to be sent off to the Doll Doctor, who pulls out their bits and pieces, tightens up some joints etc and sends them back to their eager owners, good as new. I watched as one man packed his girlfriend up in a crate (after dressing her meticulously and putting on fresh makeup). He was very apprehensive about her leaving for 3 was the longest they'd been apart in the 5 years since they'd been together. He gently kissed her goodbye and I could see the emotion on his face when he closed the door of the crate.

One man said "If you can't find a woman by the time you're my age, you're not going to are you?" He was only 39 years old. If I was judging by looks alone, I can see why some of these men felt they'd never get a gorgeous 'organic' woman on their arm. That's what they call us living, breathing In their minds, they had the perfect woman...she was beautiful, she didn't answer back, and they saved money on groceries.

I will admit, I struggled to keep an open mind about it, and as many times as I felt I should switch channels, I couldn't help but continue to watch with morbid fascination. After thinking about the lack of physical warmth they were cuddling upto, I searched around on the web today and found this site, which gives more detail about the dolls and their owners. Apparently some of them leave their girlfriends in bed all day heating her up with an electric blanket. Problem solved.

I find it hard NOT to judge these men and their bizarre companions, but I guess it's really only just another form of a masturbation toy (a rather expensive one at that) Let's face it, it's not like there aren't plenty of sex toys available on the market. Hands up any woman that doesn't have a vibrator, hasn't used one or at least thought about using one? Yeah ok, we'll scrap that question, no need to answer, I've a feeling I'd be the only one sitting here without my hand up lol.

Glorified masturbation tools those dolls may be for some, but it's also obvious that some of the men interviewed used these fake women as their constant companions. And I guess, as long as they're happy and not harming anyone else in the process, it works well for them. Saying that, one chap had 8. That's not a typo, 8, eight, EIGHT! He was running out of places to store them...they'd end up shut in cupboards or shoved under beds like the proverbial lover being caught with their pants down, when the wife/husband turned up unexpectedly (shut up the lot of you lol).

Ryan came into the lounge during the programme, glanced at the telly (naked silicone breasts in full view as the Doll Doctor demonstrated his skills), and asked "Whoa, what are you watching?!" I got as far as "A documentary about..." when the Doc on tv (now with a tool impaled between the doll's legs, removing her genitalia) uttered "Aw shit, I'm running out of vaginas."
Ryan's response..."Uh... right then...I'm outta here" and he promptly disappeared again.

Gives a whole new meaning to "Different strokes for different folks" really doesn't it? lol
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