Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

Hey hey, you you,
I don't like your girlfriend,
No way, no way,
I think you need a new one,
Hey hey, you you,
I could be your girlfriend....

Hey hey, you you
I know that you like me,
No way, no way,
you know it's not a secret
Hey hey, you you
I want to be your girlfriend...

I like this song...and not because I can relate to it, because I don't in many ways, but because it's loud, upbeat and funky. I enjoyed the music well before I bothered listening to the lyrics lol. I caught the video clip of it on tv the other night and I was saying to Cameron "Man, that's a nasty video, she's real MEAN to his girlfriend in it!" Cameron sighed and patiently pointed out that it was a video afterall and furthermore, April Lavigne also played the part of the girlfriend in the video.

Course, I'm such a blind plonker, I missed that, I was too busy watching the tart singing, shoving the nice girlfriend into the water, not to mention knocking her in the head with a 'stray' golfball etc. Who do you side with? The one that's got the nasty streak to do such misdeeds, or the one that appears to have no balls at all and wimpily cries because she's got a bump on her head? Personally I'd not be voting for either...there's such a thing as balance ya know?

Sure, I can be a bitch when i want or feel the need to fact I can turn into one at the drop of a hat when someone I love is being taken advantage of or harmed physically or mentally. And although I will put up with a certain amount of shit from others at different times...if they lay it on thick enough, I will fight back. Bugger laying down and just taking it. Choose your battles well people...there are a heap of scraps going on out there that don't even warrant a roll of the eyes in my book.

Hm...I have SO got way off where I was originally going with this post today lol Let's back the truck up slightly...

The TV....Ryan is well known for his 'reality' lectures in this house...they are of course, almost always directed at me. It seems I cannot even shed a few tears at one of my favourite drama shows on the telly if he's somewhere in close proximity. For example...last week I was watching "Greys Anatomy"...Ryan comes into the lounge, parks up beside me and starts in;

Him: "You know Mum, they are all actors, none of this is actually for REAL. Nobody died, they are JUST actors. Why are you bothering to cry over something that's NOT real."

Me: "Oh Ryan...*sigh*...just leave me be until this finishes."

Him: "You would be better off directing your emotions toward those in 3rd world countries that have to live through horrific things on a daily basis."

Well shit, who am I to argue with THAT kinda logic?? What is my life turning into when my children continually get one up on me? It's a continuous tug of war for me to try keeping one step ahead of them these days. I think the guttser of it is...they're right. Don't misundertand me, I'm proud of their practical thinking on such matters, Lord knows there's enough fabricated drama going on in the world of need to bring it into our lives on a real life basis. Still, if I want to lose myself in someone else's drama for a change, I bloody well will alright?!

I told him to sod off and just allow me the time to enjoy my favourite programme. His parting comment was "Yeah...I can see how much you're REALLY enjoying yourself at the moment...*handing me box*...more tissues?" *smirk*

There are certainly times I long for the two toddlers of yesteryear....they were loud and continously on the move, getting into anything their chubby mitts could find. I managed to have some semblance of control over them ya know? They listened to me back then...took everything I said literally and believed me wholeheartedly with their innocence of life.

Now I gotta put up with smart arse know-it-alls that inhale the pantry/fridge contents, leave tiny hairs all over the basin in the bathroom after shaving, and who cost me a bomb in both a mental and financial capacity.

But you know what? I STILL have the upper hand for now because I get the FINAL say in whatever happens around here, and they both know it. HA!
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