Tuesday, July 24, 2007

From One Extreme to the Other

I had a fairly cruisy weekend. As you may remember, my sister gave me a gift voucher for my birthday for a facial (or whatever I chose). Saturday afternoon I decided to cash it in. I rang and booked (luckily she was free at 1.30 due to a cancellation). She had me up on the bed and told me that she likes to start all her facials off with a back massage. It was bliss. She massaged my back for at least 20 minutes and then had me roll over to deal to my face (so to speak lol).

I lay there while she slapped all sorts of organic concoctions on my face, plucked my eyebrows, painted eye masks and whatever blahdy blahs on me. Then she finished off by giving me a scalp massage and rubbed coconut oil etc through my hair. She didn't do that last part until after I told her I wouldn't be going out for the evening, just staying in watching rugby. And just as well, because when I left, I was looking rather greasy, and I stayed that way until I washed it all out of my hair the following day.

The problem with having these kinds of treatments, is that they become addictive you know? It's like having pedicures. Once you've had one, you're pretty much sold and going back time and time again (well I am anyway). I will confess that I have deliberately avoided using this facial gift voucher sooner for fear of getting swept up in something else that'll have me hankering for it again. I'm trying to hang on to my money, not throw it away on frivilous luxuries.

It WAS rather heavenly though...can't deny that. I lay on a heated massage table, in dim lighting with beautiful relaxing music floating around me and left almost two hours later feeling thoroughly pampered and half asleep. How can I NOT want to do that on a regular basis??

The following morning, my sister and I shoved our feet into gumboots and visited the neighbouring orchard. The couple there have some exclusive livestock on their property. I mean, they have various types of fruit trees, their chickens are all rather flambouyant breeds and they have about four different varieties of the pig kingdom. Get a load of this photo.

That's a citrus fruit of some kind. Apparently it's called "Buddha's Hand". The tree was heavy with this weirdly shaped fruit...and I can't imagine trying to eat one, let alone peel the damn thing.

The husband runs the crematorian for pets (I'm sure there's a more official name for it), and his wife is the vet, so you can imagine they would pretty much know their stuff when it came to animals. They have 11 dogs - all curly haired setters - they were gorgeous and followed us in a pack everywhere. You couldn't move without tripping over a dog trying to get your attention...it was fabulous.

My favourite part of the morning is the video below. Forgive the resolution, I took it with my new cellphone and haven't quite got the settings right for posting on here I think. It's only just over a minute long and shows the real reason why we braved the smell and muck to visit the neighbours lol.

I took this video to show Jaimee the piglets, and I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to get her up to the orchard with me before they get too big and 'uncute'.

The two mother pigs are only 18 months old (knowing that doesn't help when you have your sweatshirt stuffed with tamarillos and they come running at you! lol). The small brown ones (Europeans) were 2 months, and the tiny black and black/white ones (Saddlebacks) were just over 2 weeks. Damn those things are cute.

I had a wonderful weekend, despite being pawed at by several dogs and snotted on by pigs that were trying to get the fruit out from under my shirt. I reckon that's why the husband kept giving me handfuls of tamarillos...cos he KNEW the pigs would try accosting me...that's when I thought it was time my sister carried some of it...she was like "No! I don't want any!" in this really high pitched voice lol.

Right, that's it for now...I better get cracking and bring the washing in...did you read that?? I've hung washing out!...that obviously means it actually isn't raining today. Hoorah!
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