Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've Learned....

- not to leave an empty bottle of mulled wine concentrate on the kitchen bench if I don't want Ryan to call me a drunk;

- to place the second full bottle at the back of a cupboard where he won't see it;

- that asking my mechanic (who can't take a look at my weird-noise emitting car until Fri) "I won't kill myself before then, will I?" and hearing his response of "I hope not", does nothing to reassure my goal of longevity;

- the sweetest four year old can warm my heart as she chats happily to the phlebotomist about how she's got new knickers...and 5 minutes later I'm called in to help physically hold her still while she's screaming blue murder;

- the boys on their two week break from school appear to be constantly under my feet, when I've barely seen them at all ;

- that changing back to my maiden name is an arduous task and one that includes me having to spell and respell it several times because people think they've misheard me;

- that introducing my sister to the nurses at work, while they're staying at a bach near the Orchard for a weekend away to do patchwork quilting to their hearts desires...means watching my sister go on a frenzy for quilting materials;

- it also has me inspired enough to drag out the quilting project I started 7 years ago, spread it across my bed, and make mental notes of what needs to be done to finally complete it;

- my usual style of procrastination is alive and well while the above-mentioned quilt is still in the same position a week later;

- my unfinished quilt is a fabulous extra layer of warmth during Winter regardless of the many safety pins still holding it together;

- getting some sexual relief in any form is not an easy task when others from both the North and the South Island of New Zealand appear to be making it their business to get in the way, despite the innocence of their interruptions;

- a new respect for the words "persistence", "focus" and "determination";

- answering the phone late at night while half asleep to hear "Don't talk, just listen..." can make me go from holding my breath one minute to breathless with pleasure the next;

- it also has Cameron banging on the wall, calling out "MUM, PLEASE!" while I'm singing loudly in the shower the following morning.
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