Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tales of Tails

The boys went to their school ball on Friday night. I was relatively lucky this year. I didn't have to do any taxiing around besides dropping them off at a friends at the beginning of the evening. Their father got to do the rest...collect them at midnight...bring them home to change out of their suits...and take Cam back out to the after-party at 1.30am, go back again and collect Cam at 4.30am.

Ryan chose not to attend the after party but went for the ride. Cam and his mate had an hour to kill so they all played the Wii until Dad arrived back here. I slept through the whole thing, woke at 2.30 to find Cam's bedroom light on and Ryan fast asleep lol.

Before I'd gone to bed earlier that evening, I'd cleared a path amongst books and clothes etc, to the bed in Cameron's room. Didn't know what state he was going to come home in, and I knew there was going to be alcohol involved, just didn't know how much. Thought it best to make the task of him getting to bed easier than usual. The last thing I wanted him to do, was hit the deck, after he'd tripped over shoes or whatever in the wee hours of the morning.

Ryan got more sleep than anyone, and still didn't rise until after midday. It's been over a year now that Ryan chucked his guts up due to alcohol consumption...I'm pleased to report that we've had no similar incidents since then. He'll have the occasional drink but certainly not to that extent. I expect at some stage in the future he may get to that point again, but I'm hoping it'll be way WAAAY into the future. If you haven't already read what happened to my then 15 year old, and you're interested, go here and here.

Back to Friday....Cameron came home, slammed the toilet door against the wall as he shoved it open....dropped the toilet lid with a crash...he switched the hallway light on, which shines directly into my room and then hovered around my door, waiting. How could I NOT wake up? I rolled over in bed and asked him sleepily how his night went. That was all the cue he needed to enter, sit on the edge of my bed, and give me a blow by blow account.

Seems my oldest son spent most of the after-party looking after his mates as they spewed into decorative urns, down steps and against walls in alleyways. Bleech. He even told me of a couple of girls in particular that kept hitting on him...that's a biggie for Cameron...we don't usually get to discuss him AND girls in the same converation, if we ever get to talk about them at all. I held my breath during that part, didn't want him to realise what he was saying, or more to the point, WHO he was saying it to. lol I was allowed to go back to sleep at 5.45.

Anywaaay, it's over now. I can thank my lucky stars I have boys, it's SO much easier to sort them out for an event like this. Get them to the tailors, let them choose what they like, get them fitted...all done. With the girls there's obviously more to take into's all about the dress, the hair, the makeup, shoes etc. Boys are easy in comparison...I like boys...which is just as well seeing as I don't have any girls lol

I took the boys on separate days to get fitted, I didn't want either of them to be influenced by what the other wanted to wear. As it turned out, both ended up wearing tails. Ryan in a morning suit, Cameron in evening tails, and although Cam felt he looked like a pianist, once Ryan told him that pianists were cool, he relaxed. Never mind that I'd told him he looked good...I'm the mother, I'm supposed to say those things apparently. When Cam was being fitted for his suit a few weeks ago, my main thought was when he switched from the traditional white waistcoat/bowtie to black...I was concerned he'd look like a waiter lol. Ryan took a little longer to make up his mind, he told me later he was trying to find something that didn't make him look so much like his father on our wedding day. Lord knows what goes through that kid's head sometimes lol.

It wasn't until I looked at these photos, that I realised Ryan's grown quite a bit recently...although I figured he's been going through another growth spurt lately, (it's almost like he's eating non-stop these days). But I hadn't given it much thought that he could end up going UP! lol
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