Friday, July 20, 2007

When Push Comes to Shove

Cameron's been feeling somewhat bullied into getting his drivers license. Ok, so his father and I had to eventually do the "cruel to be kind" thing (not too much of the cruel, but you get the gist).

For the past two weeks Cam's been stressing about having to take the test. The day he went with his father to book it, the lady behind the counter said "Oh, we've just had a cancellation, would you like to take it tomorrow instead?" Pat told me later the expression on Cameron's face after hearing that was priceless. A mass of panic mixed with trying to look calm.

Poor kid, the things his parents force on him haha.

Anyway, the big day was today...9am this morning to be exact. He was up early, I made him breakfast (I know, but it was a special occasion no?) and he sat at the table drinking coffee while madly scouring the Road Code. I hovered around him trying not to add pressure haha. He pointed out "The only reason I've agreed to this now is because Dad wants to start concentrating on teaching Ryan. That's the ONLY reason."

Cameron is a perfectionist to the extreme...he hates failing anything. For days he's been going on and on about not being ready for one reason or another. When he drove us up to the Orchard and back not long ago, I told him how well he was driving and that I felt he was ready. He said "No Mum, I made one mistake, I didn't indicate out of the roundabout."

Anyway, he went, shat his undies for half an hour, and came home smiling. Hooray! And thank God for that, because I don't know how he would've coped if he'd failed the damn thing. The instructor told him he's one of the few applicants that have passed in a manual the first time out, so he was beaming rather widely. Then he changed into his school uniform and drove himself off to school.

Now all I have to worry about is him driving around on the roads. Don't suppose there's much of a chance I could get the streets cleared of all other traffic each time he goes out is there?

No more having to get up at 5.30am to take him to work in the weekends! Do you know how good that's going to feel?? And do you know what the irony of that is?...he finally handed his resignation in last week, so he only has one weekend left at the bakery anyway! lol

Four years he's been there, but with working weekends as well as working everyday after school for a few hours with his father, something had to give. He needs time to study and relax. Short of his father firing him, which Pat thought he may have to do because he could see the strain Cam was under trying to keep all his balls in the air at once (uh, you know what I mean). It's gotta be better this way. He may actually find time to have some fun and be a 'normal' teenager now.

So yeah, his parents had a hand in that too...gentle encouragment wasn't getting us anywhere fast. A bit of brute force can work like magic sometimes.


Right, I'm done doing the mummy thing for the moment. Happy Weekend to you all :)
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