Monday, August 20, 2007

Days of Our Lives

Few of you know I'm on annual leave at the moment. After all the blabbering I did the other week about my job, it was obvious I needed time out. Since last Wednesday I've had some time to mess around at home and get a few things done that I've been wanting to do for a while.

I've mucked out Ryan's bedroom, that in itself was quite a feat. Not only was it an arduous task, it also tugged at my heart strings. Like his mother, Ryan is a hoarder...he had every childhood toy, story book, piece of artwork, years of school exercise books and god knows how many clothes that he no longer fits. It was difficult getting rid of so many memories. The kid used to collect rocks...not with a passion of any kind, but he'd just pick one up if he liked the shape of it, the colour etc...I came across stones and rocks...not to mention, sticks...the longer the better. His bedroom's not big at all, but we managed to throw out SO much stuff and move the furniture around in it regardless.

At the same time I cleaned out my own wardrobe...clothes too big, clothes too small, clothes out-dated, clothes and shoes I'd forgotten I all went. On Friday I painted the scotia, ceiling and window sill in my bedroom and later on cut in around the walls...the boys were at their father's, so I slept in Cameron's room. Saturday morning I put the first coat of paint on the walls and went up to see my sister for the night, came home Sunday morning and rolled on the second coat. It looks good...I like it. But it's smelly and headache enducing, so last night I slept on the couch. Between the couch and the cat, I didn't get a helluva lot of sleep, and if I was fast enough at 1.30am and 5.20am today, the cat would've been thrown outside quick smart.

As far as the junk of clothes, toys, books etc was concerned, the Salvation Army turned up on Thursday morning and took it all away. You can't imagine the relief I felt getting rid of the piles stacked up in my dining and lounge area...although I will admit to rummaging through bags and boxes while they were carting them down the stairs and taking stuff back. Last Monday afternoon I had Jaimee for a couple of hours, and we spent the time playing "Thunderbirds" with Cameron's old Tracy Island, and Batmen etc. Seeing the potential to keep her entertained in the future, I held on to them. I suspect my ex-husband would've been more upset than either of the boys, if I'd given Tracy Island away to the Sallies. "Thunderbird are GO!" *snort*

This morning I had brunch with Alice and have been slowly getting my room back into order. Tomorrow I fly down south to see my parents for a couple of nights. My brother and his family are over from Sydney, so the timing's perfect for me to catch up with them too. I've stocked the fridge and freezer for the boys, who will be left to their own devices during that time, although I've arranged for them to have dinner with their father on Wednesday night. When I get back on Thursday afternoon, I'll rehang the curtains in my bedroom and put the pictures and mirrors back on the walls. I figure the more time I give the paint to cure the better, before I go screwing in curtain tracks and knocking nails through it.

Healthwise in the last two weeks?...I met a rather trendy young dude wearing a bandanna who yanked a molar out of my mouth (now THAT hurt like a son of a bitch when the medication wore off)...I contracted a bad case of conjunctivitis, which became viral, so it lasted almost 2 weeks (thank you Jaimee) an infection in my throat, resulting in more antibiotics and the loss of my voice for almost 3 days. BUT, the problems were all in the vicinity of my head, and the rest of my bod was doing pretty well, so it didn't stop me from achieving the rest of what I wanted to do. Nothing would've pissed me off more if I was on leave from work, and ended up laid out in bed for over half that time.

The boys? Well, the kids both appear to be doing well. Cameron's 18th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks time, and he's dragging the chain on what he wants to do to celebrate it. Thus far we have a tentative dinner out with some of his close friends, and then back to his Dad's for drinks and supper with about 25 others. 18 is the legal drinking age here in New Zealand. Although he's discussed this a few times with ME, he's still to approach Dad and talk about it with HIM. Considering it's his house Cam's planning on using, best he start talking to Dad.

Ryan is going about life as usual...kinda looks like he's got his head in the clouds...yet aware of everything that's going on around him. He started a new job this weekend. He now works for the bakery section. Do you know what this means? Let me tell you. This means, that after 4 years of driving Cameron to work at a local bakery for 5am and 6am starts...and feeling nothing but joy about him leaving that job 2 weeks ago...I will now be driving Ryan to work for a 3am start on Sat, and a 6am start on Sunday. There appears to be a conspiracy not to allow Mum to sleep in.

Besides the intermittent email conversations with a few lovelies and the occasional break (when I've had a gutsful of dust and paint) of catching up on reading your blogs, I've not really been here much. You may have noticed me in your stats in the early hours of the morning...that's when I'm here the most these days...first thing in the morning I read you as much as I can while drinking my mocca. And yeah, I KNOW how slack I've been at commenting, you don't need to tell me that...I'll slap my own hand on your behalf.

Right, that's me for the moment. Thought I'd get in here and update quickly before picking up one of the rays of sunshine in my life....hopefully she'll be happier to see me this week. I went to collect Jaimee from daycare last Monday and when she saw me, she started backing away really slowly, like I was some kinda predator lol Luckily it wasn't long before she threw herself into my arms.

I hope you are all good and life is treating you well. I look forward to catching up on your lives when I get back from my parents.

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