Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photo Update

I know, I know, I've been a ratshit bloggy person of late. *hangs head in shame*

Not sure why that is, guess just another one of those slumpy periods when I feel what I've got to say is not newsworthy really. I know many of us go through these from time to time. Despite the lack of an update here, I have been sneaking a look at what you've been up to....keeps me in the loop. It's obvious I'm not the only one that's taking some time out...all those lovely holidays. Makes me envious and greedy to have more. And seeing my brother and his family again, made me come back and start looking up airlines to get to them in Sydney lol.

Here's a few pics I took with my phone last week.

My gorgeous niece, Lyla (21 months). And the only time she wore this hat and scarf...amazing I managed to snap the pic before she threw them both off again.
My brother, David and his fiancee, Nicole.

Nicole is pregnant again, due on 23rd December...and this time they're having a boy, already named Liam. Getta load of this tummy...and only 23 weeks pregnant!
My parents.
We went to this lovely cafe called "Up the Garden Path". The garden had all sorts of artwork through it for sale. One of my favourites was this smile. It would only have set me back $450 if I bought it lol. (Besides my brother refused to put his job in jeopardy and climb over the wall at night and spirit it away for me, pah) This one's for you SugarLips *mwah* Shame I had to come home really...I have more photos, but rather than bore you silly with holiday shots, I'll leave 'em out. You can thank me for that later lol.

Catch you soon! :)
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