Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keeping It Real

I went for a quick squiz though my archives this morning. That was some interesting reading if I do say so myself. But it also showed me how different I'm writing these days. Well, the subject matter more than anything. I went there basically to have a read of what one of my new invitees *cough KC cough* was going to get an eyeful of. Dunno how much he bothered reading, but can I just say now...don't go back there!...don't look!...everything's changed, everything's different, I was a different person back then!

Ok, I'm still the same person, so that was a lie *gasp!* You can't knock a girl for trying to bury some of her past when she's feeling slightly foolish about it all now. We all have some regrets at some point that we'd like to lock away in the closet. Good days, bad days, they were and are, a part of life that shapes us. Lessons to be learned and all that blah.

I think I used to be more fun back then. Hell, even I was entertained with it all 2 years down the track lol. But things are so different now in many ways. I seem to have lost a certain "fun-ness" about me. And bless the cotton socks of those that have continued to read me despite that. I'm still fun...I SWEAR!

Course, I have days when I'm no fun at all...just ask some of my closest friends lol. You may have heard me mention on here before that I have an A team...that'd be Alice, Anna and Anne, 3 of my best buddies. Bet you didn't know I had an L team too did ya? That'd be Leilani, Lisa and Lily...3 lovely ladies I'm probably driving potty via email. I know I test their patience some days more than others, but I SO appreciate them all being around in the background keeping me upright.

ANYWAY, I actually had a really good post to put up this I hadn't written yet, but was cruising through my bonce ready to be spilled onto the screen. Seeing as I've written this much already, and I fear that Gary will get mad at me for another lengthy epistle, I shall save it for another day. That can be translated into a day where I can be bothered writing it, ha.

Rugby World Cup fever is sweeping the nation...and being the patriotic girly I am when it comes to our boys in black, I shall leave you with this 30 second video.

So far...

New Zealand vs Italy - final score 76-14
New Zealand vs Portugal - final score 108-13


This is Lisa of Internet Lovers....supporting any colour, as long as it's black...signing out.
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